IMPORTANT: The growing mental instability of S.Africans, especially the WHITES!


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[The following is from my Boer NAZI Pal. He has a Masters’ Degree in Psychology. This ties back to the Boer Christians and them being drawn to the prophecies of Siener Van Rensburg and a group like these Suidlanders who play on manipulating these trusting people.

I have written some articles about the things that are going on here among the whites: 5 Pics: Boers: S.Africa: PROOF: Are Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies coming true now?

So as you will see, my Boer NAZI pal concluded that the Boers and other Christian Whites are indulging in a mental form of escapism because of the many stresses they are under. Keep in mind that this is the result of dumping “bad Apartheid” for “the good Rainbow Nation of South Africa” that the (((Liberals))) lied so much about. How’s that working out for whites on the ground? Its hell and they’re suffering from mental instability as a result from living in a country run by black communist lunatics, liars, criminals and listening to lying scum Liberals and Communists. So let this be a reminder to you that “Liberalism” and Communism is hell.

NB: Let me add this point: The Boer Christians are NOT criminal people at all. As frustrated as they are, they do not wish to do illegal things. 

I suspect that eventually, these Boer Christians will change. And when they change, I suspect that various forms of intense anger will come to the fore. I will pose the question to my Boer NAZI pal and ask him what is the likely outcome if years of frustration and escapism fails them. Jan]

My Boer NAZI Pal wrote:-

I heard the other day that the psychological stability of people in SA especially the Whites are becoming more and more unstable as a result of the severe economic uncertainty, the severe criminality, the farm murders, the threatening of confiscating of property. This leads to very high neuroses and psychosis and delusions like the Siener stories. When I did Psychology honours in 1976 there was an English lady with us in class that did several studies over a time in war-zones in the Middle East (also in Israel) and she found that the norm of “normality” changed as a result of the war pressures and slowly “normal” people are regarded as crazy and psychotic people like schizophrenics are more and more regarded as normal!

It was the comment on the psychological status of South Africans in the new SA by psychologists long ago. To me it sounds credible because I found that after 1994 Whites became totally disillusioned with the awareness that they are powerless and became a small minority under black majority power. So you got crazy delusional movements like e.g. the “Israelites” who stated they are actually the “real” Israel/Jews and that God will now rescue them. The severe protests of the CP (Conservative Party), HNP (Herstigte Nationale Party = Reconstituted National Party) & the AWB who mustered 100,000 people at the Voortrekker monument during the 80’s and early 90’s just disappeared overnight and the possibility for the CP to win an election was gone etc.

I asked him, in layman’s terms what he meant by neuroses and psychosis. He replied: That means the people are put under severe anxiety and stress day by day as a result of the circumstances around them and more and more are trying to escape this situation by means of delusional thinking. Its a form of escapism.

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