IMPORTANT: Russian State Media Boasts: The Era of the White Man is Over – European/Western Colonialism is OVER!!

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[The original article is in Russian, and you can translate it for yourself. I put the link below. An American found this. So I've translated the article and put it below along with the original link to the Russian so you can see it for yourself. Below it, I wrote my analysis of this article. Jan]

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Elena Karaeva

The era of European, and indeed Western, colonialism (with or without the prefix "neo-") is rapidly coming to an end. The current situation of a change in power in Niger and the events surrounding it leave no room for alternative interpretations.

On Thursday and Friday, high-ranking military officials from countries belonging to ECOWAS held negotiations in the Ghanaian capital, Accra. While the topic of possible military intervention to "restore constitutional order and democracy" remained at the center of the discussion, the backdrop for hypothetical actions by the military in Niger is such that it is wiser to temper emotions and avoid irreversible mistakes.

As everyone understands, the problem lies not in Niger itself. Prior to this, power had changed hands in three states in the region without causing significant turmoil. The real issue is that Western Europe and the USA, in a matter of days, have lost all their instruments of influence in their possession. The balance of power, a key factor in politics, has shifted, and not in favor of the white man.

Yes, sanctions have been imposed. However, even those responsible for food security in poor countries at the UN are outraged by them. The closure of Niger’s airspace implies enormous logistical and food delivery difficulties—a direct threat of hunger for over three million people.

This situation exposes the insincerity of recent statements about Russia, when our country terminated the grain deal. The spectacle of a supposed threat versus the real danger of mass starvation for thousands of Africans was orchestrated solely to maintain the status quo.

Only those who are preoccupied with preserving their own dominance in places where "Uncle in a pith helmet" once cast his gaze could imagine that they could control geopolitical vectors without attracting attention.

Therefore, Macron remains silent. Inciting Africans against fellow Africans, i.e., organizing intervention to revert Niger back to the previous order, would be unwise, especially given the will of the Nigerien people to avoid returning to France’s established order.

Hence, the West must heed the warnings that a military solution in Niger would be "complete madness," recognize that the new authorities in Niamey have begun establishing contacts with Chad’s leadership (a country entirely loyal to France), and understand that the era in which the West could do as it pleased has come to an end. Attempts to revive the corpse of neo-colonialism will not only result in bloodshed and chaos (something "gentlemen in pith helmets" are accustomed to) but will also lead to isolation—both economic and political—in a continent that was, not long ago, considered their, the West’s, domain.

But everything flows, and everything changes: those who settled in the "paradise garden," placing themselves at the apex of their self-conceived "progress, democracy, and universal values," will have their self-assessment adjusted by current life. They will either shed their arrogance and problem-solving approach, considering the interests of all parties rather than just their own, or they will end up, at least in Africa, on the rubbish heap, where the decaying burden of the white man has long been lying. Indeed, the time of the white man has also expired.


Jan’s Analysis:
This is a brilliant find. I was delighted to go back to the original Russian and to translate it to ensure I got it right.

This is about the French and Niger and the West trying to put pressure on the Blacks of ECOWAS to deal with Niger. This puts the West in a spot where they now have to rely on "Good Blacks" to "discipline" the bad Blacks – in this case – Blacks who seized power by coup d’etats backed by the Russians (Wagner). I’ve always wanted to see such a fight. They are expecting Nigeria which is a "Black Super power" to lead the charge. But I see that the Blacks seem to be vacillating. I’ve been looking forward, with GREAT DELIGHT, to see Black Nations fighting each other at the behest of the West. I thought it was going to happen but it seems the Blacks are chickening out. So we’ll have to wait and see.

The West, especially America, never appreciated the role of the Whites of Southern Africa in being representatives for the West. Now they have to work with Blacks to control Blacks.

Plus, the Blacks of Niger want to kick the French out. That is also going back and forth. The other day they wanted the French ambassador kicked out but now he’s staying. I suspect some quiet French military power is at work. But at the end of the day you are dealing with another alien race and in this case a useless one.

So we’ll have to see what happens.

The Russian piece doesn’t really have much "meat" to it. It is mostly a gloating, bitching anti-Western piece about the White man being finished in Africa!!! Hahahaha. I beg to differ on that. The Boers are still around and you’ve NOT seen the last of the Boers in Africa I assure you.

And if we Whites could get even a small number of other Whites to join us (let’s say less than 5 million other Whites), we could have a FIELD DAY IN AFRICA.

The Russians as always show how much they are on the side of the Blacks and how much they hate the West and Europe. Clearly in the time of Putin nothing has changed. This is the same policy that Stalin had in 1928. It’s nothing new.

Keep watching my videos. I’m going to tell you more about Africa and why Whites must come back to Africa. This continent is very important. Too few Whites came here. This problem needs to be resolved.

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