IMPORTANT: All 3 men shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in self defense were Bolshevik ethnic Jewish communist revolutionaries with CRIMINAL RECORDS – My Comments


[Yesterday, when I looked into the initial info about the attacks on
Kyle, and the men he shot, I noticed that other people were already
noticing that 2 of them were DEFINITELY Jewish. I was still going to
ask more about this, but in the meantime one of my readers sent me
this information about it. So it looks as if 2 Communist Jews WITH
CRIMINAL RECORDS were the ones Kyle shot dead in self defense. It
seems even the 3rd guy might also have been a Jew. This is important
stuff and any additional info on these scumbags is most welcome. I
want to look much more closely at what Kyle did. It was amazing
stuff. This brings us to the issue, YET AGAIN, of these Jewish shit
bags who are trying to stir up RACE WAR in the USA, just as that
banner from pointed out – before GoyimTV was taken down.
This is the first time that I’ve now seen info pointing out
individual trouble-makers in these riots and showing them to be
JEWS! If any more JEWS are exposed in these riots and the violence
going down in the USA, then I’m very interested. We need to expose
clearly the JEWISH ROLE in this violence in the US. This must be
spread far and wide. Here is what I was sent below. Jan]

Jan, thought you might find this interesting:

All 3 men shot by Kyle in self defense were Bolshevik ethnic Jewish communist revolutionaries with CRIMINAL RECORDS –

Important info showing these men were in fact Jewish:

  • Rosenbaum is a well-known Jewish name
  • Huber is a lesser-known, but still Jewish surname, recognized as such here, here, here, and here
  • Grosskreutz is a less certain German name, BUT according to this page, he has family/neighbors who are quite possibly Jewish, with names such as Bingenheimer (definitely Jewish name), Powalisz (a Polish name), and Uelmen (possibly a variant of the Jewish Ulman).

So they were three criminal, communist, ethnically Jewish men it would seem.


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