American friend discusses: How do we kick the Jews out of the USA for White survival?

[One of my loyal supporters wrote this to some other friends. Yep, Jews must be chased out of the USA… and EVERY Western Nation. The race of filth don't deserve the privilege of being citizens of nations created by the blood, sweat and tears and struggles of whites. The race of filth is the enemy within. Jan]

My supporter wrote:

"We, and many generations before us, overslept while the JEWS
totally ransacked our country and now refuse to leave." – Chuck

My parents survived the holodomor of the "Great Depression" They were married in 1928, the year before the stock market crash.

The jews have had control of the money system since 1913. Money allowed them to buy up media and inveigle into every business, government, and institution. The US education system left out all mention of the dangers of the jews.

The Internet has allowed Americans to have knowledge not previously available to them through media channels and education.

A way to kick them out will become known, too. Our survival, and the survival of this US republic, depends on it.

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