How to increase White Population growth … a chat with Alice from Smoloko

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[This is from a discussion I had with Alice from some time back. Her idea of giving women support if they give birth to a White child is brilliant. That's a good starter. However, I am a firm believer, like in Hitler's Germany, that any woman, whether married or unmarried, who gives birth to a White child, should get state support. The children should be the central pillar of the state. Without children, there IS NO FUTURE. I think Alice has a really good plan. Jan]

Alice wrote:-

My 2nd plan is the smartest and more efficient plan. This way we avoid separatism and the division of our countries, and will increase the birthrate of Whites who will become against the majority. If we give a White woman 15K$ after she gives birth to a White baby from a White father whose ancestors are Europeans, then we support her during the following 10 or 18 years, then I tell you, a lot of White couples will be formed and a lot of White babies will be born. We can reverse the White genocide.

All that in our democratic systems, cannot be done without the help of non-Whites who are now French or Germans or Americans. We have to succeed in convincing them about our needs.

All this sure cannot be done unless we intrude in the democratic system our leader who will succeed to take power while appearing to be Zionist, then turn against them once on power..

This is why I killed myself in 2016 when I saw Donal Trump and I had a big feeling that he is the man who will turn against the Jews while tricking them in the beginning.

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