Hitler the Great Teacher: Hitler’s Childen, the Hitler Youth … amazing boys and girls…

[This is from a note I was writing to some people. I am a huge fan of The Hitler Youth. What these youngsters did, in WW2, even in battle or in extreme danger, will astound you. It is beyond amazing. And Hitler is the one to thank. Jan]

I wrote:

I think the SOFTNESS of life has played strongly into this. And interestingly, Oswald Spengler raised this too. He said life has made us too soft. I’m convinced that we actually NEED A HARDER LIFE.

We NEED a life that is DANGEROUS, and has REAL THREATS, because then, we’re at our most awesome. And when we have real threats, then we’ll look at life differently.

But Hitler, he taught his people fantastically. Fantastically. I have read of what teenagers did in WW2. Boys and even girls. My mind boggles to believe it is humanly possible.

Their bravery, their determination, etc. So amazing. It brings tears to my eyes.

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