There is only ONE TRUE JEWISH SCIENCE: The Art of Manipulation and Bullsh*t

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[This is from a note I sent to some people. Jan]

I wrote:-

Jews = EMOTION, Europeans = Reason.

I’ve seen this over and over again.

Jews will lie to those who need help. Jews focus on what you will FEEL and then they give you what you will FEEL … even if it is a lie, even if it is bad for you.

… snip …

Jews learned one lesson, and Jews have only one "science", and that science is the ART OF HUMAN MANIPULATION. They are the world’s greatest bull shit artists.

And one sees this clearly as they rush and say: "We are the people of GOD … WE SPEAK DIRECTLY TO GOD!"

Do you know, my best Jewish friend told me that once, in my house. He said to me: "We Jewish people have a direct telephone line to God".

Even then, I thought this was a very odd statement to make. Really? You can phone God? God chats to you? How do you manage this?

Well the answer is that it’s ALL BULLSHIT.

Jews are bullshit artists, liars, and all they do, ALL THE TIME, whether it is business or religion … they MANIPULATE.

They will lie to one brother so that he kills his other brother. And if he finds out he was fooled and he wants to kill the Jews … the Jews are gone … lying to the next person to do their will.

Jews are the world’s greatest bullshit artists and they came up with a bunch of stuff that people WANT EMOTIONALLY.

… snip …

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