Religions only for Whites: The NAZIS, a Germanic Religion; Ben Klassen’s Creativity and Dr Pierce’s religion

[This is an excerpt from something I wrote to someone about a religion for Whites only. I think this is important stuff, and we need a true religion. But it will have to be based on NATURE and our old Pagan values which served us so well. My big hero in this regard is Ben Klassen. Jan]

I wrote:

There are a number of Whites who have perceived that we need a religion. A religion for us. But a religion based on actual reality. I forgot the name of the German who helped Hitler, who did a lot of thinking regarding a Germanic religion that he thought would do the trick. But he made no progress. However in modern times, the best guy in this regard is Ben Klassen and the Church of Creativity.

I LOVE what Ben Klassen did. It is AWESOME. Ben thought of EVERYTHING. Ben was ready for anything for us … Even Dr Pierce ended up doing some work on this.

But these religions have not taken hold and maybe they need a lot more work.

Ben Klassen knew that all great civilisations ALSO had a religion and he thought this is what we really need. Religion is there to unite people in a common line of thinking. This is why a religion creates a great civilisation.

BUT, Christianity, unlike the Pagans, is a religion that has self-defeating values. You could even say that Christianity is the original step towards Communism.

And there was a German who wrote a book with such a theme.

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