Hitler & Napoleon: Great Admirers of the Romans – Building a militaristic powerful nation

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I’ve been continuing to read, with utter fascination, Napoleon’s personal memoirs. And as always it’s so clear to see why he is never quoted, in his own words, in the English side of our race’s civilization. Like Hitler, the English-speaking Whites hardly ever hear the truth. The deep thinking of the Europeans always make way for the weak, commercial, shopping-mall type of Jewish thinking of the English side of our race.

Hitler has an extremely wide knowledge of almost everything, and he devoured libraries. Napoleon was no different. Though the two of them did have some differences.

Napoleon, having access to a smaller knowledge base than Hitler, never the less, read and devoured books like crazy, including novels and he would assess their value.

But Napoleon was an avid reader of "Classic" (i.e. Roman and Greek writings). He read and re-read, and re-read them and knew them backwards. He was therefore exceptionally well versed in Roman and Greek thinking.

Interestingly, Napoleon thought the Ancient Greeks exaggerated. This is something I will look at later. But Napoleon never seems to have had any complaints about the Romans. It seems he trusted the Romans.

Other things that Napoleon spoke about in his final days was about the militarisation of the French that he had achieved. He was VERY PROUD of his militarisation of the French and of their quality as soldiers as well as of their methods of fighting. Even after Waterloo, he pointed out the incredible power of the French if they had wanted to carry on fighting. I was very surprised by this.

Clearly, the French stopped fighting due to a loss of morale and confidence in themselves. But in reality, they had all the means at hand to do what they needed to do. The level of militarisation astounded me.

In this sense, the French were like the Germans were yet to be under Hitler. One thing I can say about the Germans though, is that unlike the French, they did not break and lose confidence in themselves. They fought it out until they couldn’t any more.

It is very clear to me that both Hitler and Napoleon modelled themselves on the Romans. Napoleon himself, even quotes the determination of the Romans after their dreadful loss at Cannae. The Romans were NEVER QUITTERS! They NEVER gave up.

It is therefore clear to me that the tremendous successes of both France and Germany, under Napoleon and Hitler is totally due to the mindset that they embodied from the Romans (and possibly other pre-Christian influences).

If you want to be a WINNER … then read pre-Christian military history. IT STILL WORKS TO THIS DAY AND IT WILL WORK ANYWHERE IN THE FUTURE AS WELL!!

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