German Bashing & Modern White Bashing: In defence of Hitler… and the Swastika…

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[Some excerpts from Jim Rizoli and Diane King as they fight back against the lies about Hitler. I totally agree. I totally agree with Jim where he says you're cutting your own throat if you criticise Hitler. That is so true. I would add this: If any White person HATES THE SWASTIKA then you hate YOURSELF. So if you hate Hitler, and you hate the Swastika, you are hating yourself, your ancestors and your race. It's really that simple and it is a 100% correct historical fact. Jim points out that Germany's problems came from the Jews. This is also something that people do not realise and that is that before Hitler arose there was: (a) Communism (b) Liberalism. Jews were driving both those agendas. Jews wanted bloodshed in the streets. Go and read what the Jewess Rosa Luxemburg said. Diane points out the ignorance about National Socialism. If you think NAZISM was evil then you're an idiot. You have no clue how Hitler ran the country or how well Germany functioned. If we were sane, we would all WANT NATIONAL SOCIALISM in the Western world NOW! Jan]

Jim wrote this to someone:
Why do you always have to compare what’s going on here to what happened in Germany! There is no comparison. If Hitler was around today we wouldn’t have any of these problems. Hitler did what was best for the German people; he only cared about them and anybody that is against Germany or Hitler is against whites, simple as that. You’re cutting your own throat if you criticize Hitler.

The Jews in Hitler’s time were behind all the problems that Germany had to deal with and the Jews now are behind the problems the same way, admit it, accept it and deal with it. With the Jews we lose.


Diane King wrote:
National Socialism? WE WISH. A leader who cares about his people. Understands the REAL criminals. If Hitler treated the Jews like YOU think he did, with the ultimate German efficiency, WE WOULDN’T BE HAVING THE ISSUES WE have TODAY. As go the Germans, so go we whites. When you bring up National Socialism/Hitler as the way things seem to be, you have NO ARGUMENT. Again, WE WISH things could be done with such efficiency. But it’s being done with the commie cabal of the rabid mental liberal left. You are demonstrating ignorance by applying national socialism when it should be rabid mental marxist bolshevist communism!!! Jim and I have been exposing the REAL CRIMINALS. By the way, you’ve failed the HITLER TEST. Diane


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