History Reviewed goes Multilingual! Read it in Afrikaans, German or any White nation’s language!


I’ve added a feature to History Reviewed which automatically translates the pages into any language.

I don’t allow translation into black languages or Chinese and MOST DEFINITELY NOT IN THE RUBBISH spoken by the Jews called Hebrew!!!

But I’ve enabled all the “white” languages I can think of so that our Danish, Bulgarian, German and other friends can read it in their language.

If the awesome Romans were alive they’d be able to read it in Latin too! Yep! Latin! Perhaps the most important language invented by whites!

I’ve enabled Arabic and Indonesian because those people hate the Jews! And anyone who hates a Jew is someone I don’t mind talking to!!

I was browsing it in Afrikaans and it looks really good.

So its not perfect, but it might help people. You’ll see a drop-down near the top where you can choose the language you want to view it in.


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