S.Africa: Blacks torture white couple with blowtorch for hours before killing them

[Look closely at some of the things the blacks did to the white woman including trying to kill her by shoving plastic bags down her throat and when that did not work they shot her. This all happened AFTER the #BlackMonday protests! Even the mildly conservative Breitbart are running this story. Amazing actually. They ran this 2 weeks after we had the #BlackMonday Protests here! Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has said that blacks who killed white farmers would NOT be prosecuted. This was before this communist bag of shit was removed from power. But I’m still sad about it because he should have ended his life with a bullet exploding through his brains from a white man. I will still discuss Mugabe again. I feel dogshit for the blacks of Zimbabwe and the blacks of South Africa. They can die for all I care. I wish they would starve to death but in fact the Liberals and Jews, filth and race traitors and human garbage that they are, they will save the blacks from the mass death that they so rightly deserve! Jan]

You can read the article on my AfricanCrisis website: http://africancrisis.info/index.php/2018/01/06/s-africa-blacks-torture-white-couple-blowtorch-hours-killing/

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