History Reviewed Channel Videos – Bug fixed & future Bandwidth & Server load estimates

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This is a quick note regarding my video platform. Last week I also did something very sneaky and deceptive and that added several days to my video platform work. I had an idea that was too devious to bypass. Whenever I get a chance I test boundaries out for real. That is what added so much work to my video platform. My devious idea actually functioned well for about 8-10 hours before it was caught out.

It was an idea I had to try because it could come in very handy in the future when our Jewish friends are busy trying to screw up things for me. So it was a very valuable test.

My platform is now functioning the way it should and you’ll see the video coming up properly and pre-loading the way they should.

Its taken me 2 days to sort out the things so I’m going to continue with my daily releases of 5 videos per day and I’ll have to see how the load on my little server goes.

I don’t really know how much load my little server can take. I’ve made estimates based on the best data I have from my time on youtube. But the next week will give me hard, firm data. My estimates currently are that my 1 little server will only be able to handle 40 of my videos – but I have close to 200. So I’m expecting that by the end of this year, I’ll need 5 or more little servers to run all my videos. I’ve done lots of costing and estimates. I’m going initially with my “small server” idea to see how that handles loads and security. I’ll only really have accurate data a month from now. But this week alone should give me an indication of whether I over-estimated or under-estimated. Running videos is extremely tricky and I’ve done everything I can to streamline my video files to the maximum. Its something I’ve been practising for many months and I’ve taken it as far as I can go. From here onwards I need hardware and bandwidth. But I’m keen to try this. I think it is doable. I think I can pull this off. And if so, then it opens new doors. So let’s see how this goes.

I was able to cut my video sizes down on youtube to about 20% of their original size. Some of them I cut to 10% of their actual size. I experimented a lot until I got it as low as I could without people noticing a drop in the quality of the sound or pictures. I experimented for several months on youtube knowing full well that one day I would need that – and now I do indeed need it.

Brother Nathaneal talked about his server that he needed for his video platform. He made much ado about it. When I questioned him about it, his answers to me did not sound right. Note too his videos are 5 minutes long. Most of mine are over an hour. Even though he was getting up to 40,000 views per video his videos ultimately have much less load per video than mine. I’ve heard of others trying video platforms and the cost is very high. I think Rebel of Oz once had his own platform. The costs he cited were very high as I recall. This is extremely hard to do. But I think I’ve done this on the most shoe-string budget that is humanly possible and I definitely want to churn out stacks of videos including videos on the topics we liked like the Jews and WW2 and white race related stuff.

If I had to work on the costs and estimates used by Bro Nathaneal and Rebel of Oz I’d have walked away and told you that this is impossible. What I’m doing is already several times more efficient.

I’ll be releasing 5 videos per day. I’m expecting to have to get my 2nd little server up in the next week or so.

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