Prof. MacDonald – First Thoughts on the Breach of the Capital by Trump Backers: The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony – My Comments


[I had been wondering how the Trump rally went on Wednesday. It looks impressive. But the real issue in all these things are the LEADERS and the WILL and DETERMINATION of the LEADERS. Trump has not been that strong. Though I was looking at and saved Trump's banned speech that he gave on the election fraud. Whites need to ramp things up. But my own suspicion is that it will be too tepid. Too little, too late. Though its great to see the anger growing. The top leaders, like Trump, etc are too tepid and too weak whereas the masses are keener to do things. There is still a lot of patriotism. MacDonland mentions the MASSIVE ROLE OF THE JEWS below. The real thing to see is whether the Hate Speech Laws come. The reason I think the Whites are too tepid is due to what I've seen in the past here in Africa. The behaviour of the Whites in the USA is not unlike that of the Whites of SA in the last decade of their existence. I think that the hole has to get deeper. It is critical that everyone works forward as hard as they can. The Jews and the Communists NEVER have a problem, ruthlessly lying, stealing and cheating. It's just that now in the USA for the first time it's become BIG BOLD AND VERY OBVIOUS. The big thing to see is whether Hate Speech laws come to the USA and if so, how White Americans and websites can survive and fight back. We MUST ALL KEEP GOING. We must NOT QUIT. This is too important. This tool is too critical. Jan]

  1. The obvious: violence and property destruction all summer by the left—still continuing in Portland et al.— tolerated by politicians and ignored by most of media, now outraged by breach of Capitol. Sedition!! Insurrection!! How quickly they forget all the violence by the left, including the riots in DC during and after Trump’s inauguration.

  2. With control of Congress (assuming Ossoff wins, which seems like a done deal), the Democrats will make victory permanent by adding DC and Puerto Rico as states, giving amnesty to millions of illegals so they can vote, ramp up legal immigration, and finish the demographic revolution ahead of schedule.

  3. Big Tech will ramp up censorship, and Congress may well enact “hate speech” laws with prison and fines for the dissident right, which Biden will be only too happy to sign. Websites like this one may well be targets. If SCOTUS strikes down such laws, they will pack the Court. Or maybe just pack the Court anyway, as seems to be mainstream among Democrats.

  4. A large percentage of the right believes the election was stolen (it was). I don’t think this attitude will go away, and when they realize they can’t win elections because of what the new government is doing, all bets are off. The left will use violence from the right to rationalize left authoritarianism, and with all that media power and political hegemony, they may succeed; again, fines and prison for rightest dissenters. There may well be very serious secession movements by Red State America. In any case, it’s not over until it’s over.

  5. Ultimately, of course, this has come about because of the anti-White demographic revolution set into motion by the 1965 immigration law and the gradual increases in numbers of legal immigrants and illegal immigrants whose children become citizens. There’s no way that Georgia would vote for leftist radicals like Ossoff and Warnock without the demographic shift. The revolution was rationalized by the leftist media and academic culture which is now preaching Critical Race Theory aimed at inducing guilt in Whites and convincing Whites to punish other Whites who dissent from the new —what is called altruistic punishment by evolutionsts (White people are particularly prone to this—long story). It’s redundant here to point out the outsize Jewish role in all this, but suffice it to say that this is the endgame dreamed of by the activist left for the last century. Their take-home message from the 2016 election was that Trump’s populist rhetoric was popular with a majority of Americans and if given enough time could have been enacted into policy. The policies Trump enunciated in 2016 had the prospect of at least slowing down the White demographic disaster, especially if these attitudes became even more entrenched with four more years of Trump and followed by someone with fewer rough edges, more political skill, and more of a mandate to do what needs to be done. Their implicit mantra was “Never Again,” and they pulled out all the stops to defeat him—not only the election fraud but also but the huge boost from most of the media in ginning up Trump hate and bogus impeachment Inquisitions while ignoring (mainstream media) or censoring (Twitter, Facebook) anything bad about Biden. Most notably Hunter Biden’s scandalous deals in China and Ukraine, with a cut for the “Big Guy.”

  6. There will be a big fight in the GOP over Trump’s legacy and whether Trumpists will be the future of the party. The neocons will try to make a comeback and the Chamber of Commerce types never left. But IMO there’s no way they can get a majority of the GOP behind them. The GOP is a populist party now and it’s not going away.

  7. But like I said, it’s not over until it’s over. It’s just that the hole we were in, already deep, just got a whole lot deeper.


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