History Reviewed Channel – Shoahed – June 2017 – PayPal banning

This was a reply to someone who asked me today about HRC. He said he went to it and found it had gone. So I wrote this reply:

Hi Luis, yes. History Reviewed got Shoahed twice. First time in December 2016 and now for a second time at the end of May 2017. But the 2nd time it got shoahed so did my other 10 youtube channels including #TeamWhite with Alex Linder. I also lost my BanJudaism channel in Febriary 2017. Among the several I lost at the end of may were AfricanCrisis and the new version of History Reviewed TV as well as the revived History Reviewed Channel. The banning in may caused me to lose ALL TEN of my Youtube Channels. Shortly thereafter, days thereafter my PayPal a/c was suddenly put on freeze and my funds were frozen. I’d had my paypal a/c since 2002 and they froze it and told me I could remove my monies but I won’t be allowed to send or receive monies. Its permanently “limited”.

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