German College: Proclamation of the uprising of the decent – Horst Mahler


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On October 15, 2000

• On the occasion of the ignition at the synagogue in Düsseldorf, which
promoted Jewish interests, Chancellor Schröder called for a revolt of the decent.

• The request includes an admission that the popular uprising is stronger than the current government.

• The fact that a head of government is calling for an uprising is new and remarkable. As a virtual association of notorious revolutionaries, the Deutsches
Kolleg can only support any call to the people to rise up in revolt.

• The uprising of the decent is currently being organized by the Palestinians against the agencies of Jewish power. Because these are not only to be found in Palestine, but all over the world, this uprising against the indecent is a fundamentally worldwide uprising, but at least one that is taking place in the German states.

• It is up to the German people to support this uprising.

II. The German College demands the ban on the Jewish communities

• Everyone is talking about the NPD ban.

• Not just a tiny splinter group – the German College!

• The Deutsches Kolleg demands the prohibition of all those influenced by the Jewish national spirit
Associations and institutions because they support expulsions and genocide. In biblical times the victims were the Canaanites, today – in the same place – the Palestinians.

Judaism is a Deadly Danger to the Nations We hear that the Lord of the Jews "is angry and wroth with all the Gentiles whom he will give up to be slaughtered, that the stench will rise from their corpses, and the mountains will flow with their blood" (Isa 34:2-3).

• We no longer ignore the fact that Yahweh, the God of the Jews, promises and commands his chosen people to murder, subvert and destroy other peoples. (Deuteronomy 7:1-2; 1 Sam 15:3), but we organize the resistance of the peoples against this campaign of annihilation by Judaism.

• We abhor a cult that focuses on
the chosen people’s successful bargaining with Yahweh: "We will kill the Canaanites for you if you give us their land in return." Chapter 21 verse 3).

• We have recognized that Judaism is the cradle and presence of racism in its
most terrible form, the rage for extermination (Isa. 34:2 – 3 Ezek 31:18 and 32:18,19; Deuteronomy 7:1-2; 5 .Moses 12:28-31).

• We know from the holy books of the Jews that their enmity against the people is the root of anti-Semitism and that is why the Persian great king
Artaxerxes ordered the complete extermination of the Jews living in his kingdom in antiquity
(StzuEst 1,2-4).

2• We know the meaning of the holy mountain of the Jews, which they call "Mount Sinai": "This
is a mountain on which hatred against the peoples of the world descended". They also call it
"Mount Horeb" "because destruction descended there for the peoples of the world." (The Babylonian
Talmud, Shabbat 89a/89b, selected by Reinhold Mayer, Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag,
Munich 1963, p.215).

• We despise the attitude that forbids the daughters of Israel to assist a non-Jew
in childbirth, because in Judaism it is considered a sin to “help a follower of idolatry give birth”
(loc. cit. p. 217: Mishnah Avoda sara II, 1) .

• We thank Rabbi Ovadia Yosif, the spiritual leader of the Shah’s party, for finally bringing up
the theological dimension of the persecution of the Jews again, albeit from a completely absurd
point of view. His thesis that the
Jews who died as a result of National Socialist persecution were sinners in a previous life and
had been sent back to the world by Yahweh so that they would
receive just punishment there in the gas chambers (report by the taz of August 7th, 2000) could probably only be shared by a Jewish person
scribes come up with.

The war of the Jewish organizations against the German people continues
• We know that for orthodox Jews the German people are Amalek, a people who in biblical
time waged war against the Jews. This had provoked Yahweh by cowardly attacks on the chosen people
, so that he commanded Samuel: “Strike Amalek and banish
him and all that he has; do not spare them, but kill man and
woman, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” (1 Sam 15:3)

• With great effort we found out that the two world wars against
the German Reich were broken significant involvement of Jewish bankers and Jewish media
, with the intention of destroying the German Empire forever because it had broken
through peaceful trade with the British dominated by Jewish bankers earlier in the century
Empire and, despite the military defeat in World War I
, stood in the way of the US east coast’s striving for world power. (cf. Hamilton Fish, "The
Broken Myth – FD Roosevelt’s War Policy 1933-45", Grabert Verlag, 2nd edition 1998; Dirk
Bavendamm, "Roosevelt’s War – American Politics and Strategy 1937-1945", Herbig Verlag , 2nd edition
. Edition 1998; Giselher Wirsing, "Der maßlose Continent", Diederichsverlag, Jena 1942)

• We see through the lies about us that our enemies have spread about us, which are so big
and powerful that the uninitiated do not dare to doubt them, because they don’t credit any
human being with the wickedness not big enough for such fantasies

• We recognize the strategy for wiping out the Goyim peoples in the massive foreign invasion of our people and the other European
peoples. The
racially, ethnically and culturally mixed world population that has emerged in this way is exposed to the Jewish world power, unable to defend

• We thank Martin Walser for making the world – and especially us Germans – aware
of the weapon by naming the Auschwitz club, with which the burgeoning
resistance of the Germans is crushed anew every day.

• We salute the Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein for exposing the world to the
fraud and blackmail employed by Jewish organizations in the
Billions and billions are squeezed out of the German people by using the Auschwitz mace

3• We commemorate the unknown authors of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" who made clairvoyant
reflections on the ways and means of establishing Jewish world
rule, which should serve as a warning to us.

• We think: "The International Jew", Henry Ford’s pamphlet against the world domination of
Jewish banking capital, is required reading for every German.

• We were amazed to learn from Cornel Faltin’s report in the Hamburger Abendblatt of August 29 , 2000
that George Washington, the father of the United States of America, the Jews
as "plague" and wrote: "The Jews work more effectively against us than any enemy
army. They are a hundred times more dangerous for our freedom". According to the same source,
Benjamin Franklin agreed, saying: "We must
protect our young nation from the Jews, they are the greatest danger." The fact that the USA is now
completely dominated by Jewish circles shows that this warning
was futile but justified.

• We are impressed by the initiative of the President of Israel, Moshe Katzav, who
has denied members of the Jewish nation the right to remain with their
host peoples and calls on Jews outside Israel to
to move to Israel (report in Junge Freiheit 38/00 from 09/15/00).

III. The German College is aware that certain Jewish circles demonize
the visualization of the Torah and the Babylonian Talmud
in the peoples as anti-Semitism.

• We counter that the personality shaped by the Torah and Talmud
provokes a defensive attitude towards Jews in the peoples.

• We reject the interpretation of the persecution of the Jews, which deliberately contradicts the Torah, in the
conviction that those Jews who use it against the German people do not themselves
believe in its correctness.

• We read in the Old Testament Leviticus 26:
14 But you will not obey me and do not do all these commandments

15 And if you despise my statutes and
reject my statutes, so that you do not do all my commandments, and if you
break my covenant,

16 I will also do this to you: ……

17 … I want my face against you, and you shall be defeated
before your enemies, and those who hate you shall
rule over you, and you shall flee, without anyone pursuing you.


22 And I will send wild beasts among you, which shall
devour your children, and tear up your cattle, and deprive you, and your roads
shall be deserted.


25 and I want to bring a sword of vengeance upon you, my covenant
should avenge. Even if you flee to your cities, I
will send the plague among you, and I will
deliver you into the hands of your enemies.


27 But even then you will not obey me and act against me

28 I will also act against you in anger and will
punish you seven times more for your sins,

29 that you shall eat the flesh of your sons and daughters.

30 And I will destroy your sacrificial high places and
cut off your incense pillars, and I will throw your carcasses on the carcasses of your idols
, and I will disgust you.

31 And I will make your cities desolate and your sanctuaries
devastate and no longer want to
smell the lovely smell of your victims.

32 I will make the land waste, and your enemies who
live in it will be amazed.

33 But I will scatter you among the peoples, and will follow you with drawn
sword; your land shall be desolate, and your
cities shall be destroyed.


36 And those who are left of you I will make a cowardly heart
in their enemy’s land, that they may chase a rustling leaf,
and they shall flee from it as if a sword chased them, and fall when they
do nobody hunts.

37 And one shall fall upon the other as if the sword were behind
them when no one hunts them, and you shall not be able to stand
your ground against your enemies.

38 And you shall perish among the nations, and the land of your enemies
shall devour you.

539 But those who are left of you shall perish in the enemy’s land
because of their iniquity, but also because of the iniquity of their

• We call on believing Jews to either accept their fate as fulfillment of the
curse of Moses and stop fighting our people immediately, or to join
us in recognizing Yahweh and his works as a
figure of God to be overcome in the spirit of German idealistic philosophy.

IV. The German College recognizes the services of the Jews and
overcomes historical anti-Semitism
With Hegel’s thinking, under the pressure of knowledge that emanates from the darkening of the image
of the Germans – and therefore only now – the history of the West starting from the
year 312 AD. , the year of the acceptance of the Judeo-Christian faith by Caesar Constantine
in the battle of the Milvian Bridge, up to the present:
This story is the fight of the decomposing Jewish spirit against the moral spirit
of the Germans.

In modernity, the Jewish spirit has triumphed to death. The sign of his death is the
worldwide hatred of the Jews. Its two-thousand-year-old trunk has another annual ring
become more powerful. This reflects the resentment of the people subjugated by Mammon,
who do not know how to shake off this yoke.

In order to finally bury Judaism, the spirit of the Germans rises like a phoenix from the ashes
in the form of German idealistic philosophy, in the light of which that hatred
shows itself as a fatal attack of mental weakness.

The essence of Judaism is the – initially abstract – elaboration of God as spirit ("You shall not
make an image of me!"), the opposition of spirit and nature in the sense of a separation of both
moments of the absolute. Man, although a spiritual being, is on the side of the
discriminated nature. As such, the peoples – with the exception of the chosen people – are animals that
Yahweh gave up for slaughter, that is, for use for the chosen ones unto death and in death

Historical conservatism – like historical National Socialism – was only able to negatively understand the disintegration
of the community of God and man, the fall of peoples into atomized bourgeois
society, as decay (decadence). The hatred of everything Jewish – including
people with a Jewish stamp – was the necessary consequence of this abstraction, which runs like a red
thread through the two-thousand-year history of the West.

It is a spiritual war on two fronts that we have to fight:
Turned against Judaism, it is the negative business of the critique of the Jewish principle – the
separation of God and man. On the basis of the Torah, the two thousand year old plague
of the genocidal delusion of being chosen should be named again (cf. the "Open Letter to
Daniel Goldhagen" at ). It must be
made clear that the "scientific world view" and atheism are only the negative of Judaism:
only those who, like the Jews, think of God as the sublime, who
leads his life in absolute separation from man, can grasp the thought that although not the existence of man, but the
existence of God can be denied. And only if the existence of God can be denied is it
conceivable to try to think of man from his own point of view (humanism) and
to explain the world without God (scientific world view).

Contrary to conservatism, which perceives decadence only as decay and decline, and against
the biologistic racism of historical National Socialism, which
reduced man to his animal moment, man is to be understood as a finite spirit.

Conservatism and historical National Socialism have destroyed man’s spirituality in their own way
by not recognizing the spirit as infinite, and therefore not as immortal.
The fact that freedom is the essence of the spirit remained a mystery to them. A lack of insight gave rise
to that pessimism which saw the freedom of the individual as the root of evil. With a radical gesture
, they tore out this root – and thus destroyed themselves.

The Kulturkampf that has now opened completes the elaboration of the idea of the freedom of the individual,
which could not come to reality without the work of destruction accomplished by Judaism in the Germanic kingdom
the original Germanic people, with their childlike trust in their gods
, was not yet the true form of freedom, but only freedom itself. These must
first to become for oneself in order to be freedom in and for oneself. For itself, however, freedom is only as
freedom of the person, as personal freedom of individuals.

It was the task of Judaism – also in its Christianized form –
to bring about the individuation of the Germanic people as a break away from God.

After that is accomplished, the individuals now experience themselves as isolated individuals, as social atoms,
in an emotional desert of ice in which they will perish if they do not rediscover God as their essence
and thus realize community in God as a free national community.

Only the one that emerged from the complete disintegration of the Germanic national community
self-conscious and self-willed reconnection (religio) of the isolated individual to the national spirit of the
Germans as a figure of God, expressed in German idealistic philosophy, is the
true existence of freedom. It is still a task ahead of us. In solving this task,
every German who grasps this thought is a helper of God.

Only when the positive moment of decomposition: the individuation of people as a necessary
transition point to the true freedom of the person who is drifting in the Germanic spirit, is recognized, will the
German-Jewish fate – in the Hegelian sense – be lifted: ended, preserved and elevated be.
The reality of the Jewish spirit is the individuation of human beings, so that ultimately, as
isolated individuals, they are alienated from themselves and doomed to perish. This death march is a
necessary development step on the way to a self-confident community of people in God.
The existence of this consciousness is the national community, whose comrades have passed through despair
. These are only free as individuals, then also as persons, when they
grasp themselves as individuals who are self-conscious parts of the whole and as such also the

In this knowledge, the Jews are also recognized as God’s helpers and responsible for the progress of
Spirit conscious of freedom of equal value. In this insight, racism and
anti-Semitism have been overcome.

Hitherto the decomposition has weighed like a curse on the Jews. This curse is
now being lifted from them by German idealistic philosophy.


The Kulturkampf against Judaism is the
central event that gives the world a new shape.
woe! Mordecai has grown cocky and dazzled by his victory. He
ignores the signs of the times.

An outward sign of the subjugation of the peoples is the
ban imposed by Jewish organizations almost worldwide on the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” that appeared in 1896
spread. Of these, Henry Ford wrote in 1920: "This work is too dreadful a reality to
be invention, too well established to be mere thought, too deep in its knowledge
of the secret springs of life to be based on deceit . …. Of interest to us
other states is not that a ‘criminal or madman’ wrote such a program,
but that once it was written, it found ways and means
of realizing its most important details. The document itself is relatively unimportant; the whole
state of affairs and the circumstances to which it draws attention are of the utmost
importance.” (“The International Jew,” p. 84f.)

At its core, this prohibition is nothing other than an attempt to
prevent any discussion of the question of whether Jewish domination of the world is a reality and whether this success, if any , is due
to the workings of a secretive government of the chosen people, the "Sanhedrin".
. It is known that he met in Paris on February 9, 1807, in order
to satisfy Napoleon’s request for answers to certain questions concerning the Jews (Ford, op. cit., p.

With the hypocritical assertion that literature dealing critically with Judaism is the
source of anti-Semitism, the investigation of the real causes of the
persecution of the Jews is criminalized.

The thought complex that revolves around the question of the existence and nature of the Jewish world government is
withdrawn from intellectual perception by the world picture agencies using the poisoned word "conspiracy theory". But it is vital for the peoples and
the Jews to consider this question with the utmost care.

The Jew Karl Marx aptly described the task ahead of us with the statement:
“The emancipation of the Jews in its ultimate meaning is the emancipation of mankind from
Judaism. [MEW Vol. 1, p. 372-373)]. However, he merely presented the objective side of Jewish power,
the power of money, in his main work "Das Kapital". Their subjective moment
is the cult of Yahweh, whose political form has been
described in the "Protocols" in a way that has not been surpassed so far.

The intellectual bridge that connects the critique of objective Judaism, the world of haggling, with the
critique of subjective Judaism, the cult of Yahweh, is Marx’s writing on the
Jewish question [MEW Vol. 1, p. 347 ff.].

If the Jewish question is not recognized as a moving unity of these moments, if the
current state of the world, globalism, is not understood as the objective existence of the Jewish question
, then attempts to solve this problem by the annihilation of the Jews
will not work in the future prevent. Then the peoples will become the Holocaust religion in a horrible way and
Sages read as a manual for a policy of liberation from secular Judaism. The
Torah will then no longer act as an impulse for the spiritual overcoming of Judaism, but
will be misused as justification for the extermination of the chosen ones.

8The practical side of the critique of Judaism is the national and social
revolution of the Germans.

Power grew
in prehistoric times:
from blood, ie from the cohesion of the clan association and the
in the Middle Ages:
from feudal property, ie from recognized ownership of settled land;
in modern times:
from possession of money capital.
The power based on money-capital possession
is invisible,
only she is accessible to Jews who are scattered;
only it tends to be infinite;
it turns the striving for enrichment into greed.
Money is the common commodity that reduces everything to the point of sale and thereby
decomposes morality, turns sacred goods and finally human beings themselves and their organs into commodities.
Power existing as infinite greed and shameless disintegration turns into powerlessness and

The self-confident spirit is now rising out of the general decay as the power of the
self-confidence of the peoples – first of the German people, who were
robbed of their natural self-confidence by the Holocaust religion. This people can now alone in the ether of
resurrected with a self-confident spirit, in idealistic philosophy.
In the German people as a free self-awareness, the unity of God and man appears in the
self-aware national community. This is the existent negation of the Jewish principle
and the haggler as his worldly form.
The self-aware finite spirit is the man who has recognized that as a commodity he cannot be free
. In this awareness, the power of money disappears in the freedom of the
people who work cooperatively to satisfy their concrete needs
and no longer sell themselves to the abstract need for enrichment.
The first practical steps towards liberation from Judaism are the peaceful uprising of decent people with the aim of convening a German National Assembly, which will restore the German Reich’s ability to act
by appointing
a provisional Reich government and enacting a new Reich order. The German College recommends the Provisional Reich Government to implement the following hundred-day program: 9The emergency government will take powerful measures in the first 100 days and render the following public services to the German people: A) Eliminate unemployment! B) End the housing shortage and homelessness!

C) Eliminate the traffic chaos!

D) Win the drug war!

E) Smash Organized Crime!

F) Restore law and state and sovereignty!

G) Save nature and the environment of the German people!

H) Rebuild Central Germany according to plan! ,

I) Renew the social and health care system from the ground up!

J) Stop the German cultural catastrophe!

The national emergency government will achieve these ten goals with emergency decrees and


  1. Ending the employment of foreigners.

  2. Exclusion of foreign workers from unemployment insurance.

  3. Obligation to report all jobs held by foreigners to the
    Employment office as vacancies that must be awarded to ethnic German applicants who
    the employment office describes as suitable.

  4. Ban on hiring foreign and non-national workers on the
    German labor market, including those jobs that are
    owned by foreigners.

  5. Employment ban for foreign and non-national workers on the
    German labor market one year after the enactment of the hiring ban.

  6. Ban on foreign contract work in Germany.

  7. Right to employment in the state employment service for
    those on social assistance who are able to work and for the permanently unemployed who have been unemployed for more than six months

  8. Prohibition of business management against entrepreneurs who have employed undeclared
    workers or foreign workers; in the case of recurrence,
    confiscation of the wrongly filled workplace and, in the second
    case of recurrence, confiscation of the company by the state
    labor service.


  1. High fines and labor penalties for illegal stay in termination of all
    social housing occupied by foreigners.

  2. Expulsion of all foreigners who have become unemployed.

  3. Expulsion of all foreigners who have become a criminal or social case.

  4. Obligation of all landlords with sanctions, suitable for families
    Large apartments for rent to large German families.

  5. Obligation of all landlords and sellers, reinforced by sanctions, to offer 60% of the
    apartments they offer in a family-friendly size, location, equipment
    and price range.

  6. Authorization of the housing authorities to forcibly rent,
    evict or quarter in cases in which German families cannot be
    accommodated in a child-friendly manner or single or older
    Germans cannot find a decent apartment on the free housing market
    and this situation is offset by vacancies and bad rentals.

  7. Demolition and renaturation of the mass settlements to ecological
    residential areas.

  8. New construction of villages in renatured industrial and traffic wasteland.

  9. Clearing of all accommodation for asylum seekers and expulsion of asylum seekers.

  10. Instruction of German homeless people and anti-social people in cleared accommodation for
    asylum seekers.

  11. Forced Rehabilitation for Homeless Alcoholics.

  12. Right to employment in the state employment service for accommodated
    former homeless, alcoholics who have been deprived of alcohol;

  13. Ensuring a basic income through work.


  1. Prohibit road transit for foreign cars and trucks; Regulation of
    night car trains for transit.

  2. Commandment of the waterway for import, export and transit of
    bulk goods.

  3. Obligation of foreigners living in Germany
    to use public transport as a matter of principle.

  4. Permission for foreigners from countries directly bordering Germany to cross
    Germany by road during the holiday season with at least three overnight stays

  5. Agreement on reciprocal zones of free entry and exit for the
    border areas.

  6. Restriction to one car per family and permission for a second car only
    from the seventh family member.

  7. Authorization of local authorities to
    prescribe carpooling or to enact driving bans for critical times and routes.

  8. Driver’s license for young people only after completion of vocational training.

  9. Displacement and HP limitation for drivers under 25 years of age.

  10. Driving privileges for commuter traffic in conurbations with a corresponding one-
    way driving ban for other road traffic during rush hours.

  11. Truck driving ban during rush hours.

  12. Restriction of mass tourism.

  13. Reopening of the area by railways and by
    railway-capable trams.

  14. Issuance of a general traffic plan with the aim of avoiding traffic.


  1. Complete punishment of all drug addicts and addicted petty traders
    through deprivation of liberty with forced labor and forced deprivation without
    substitute drugs such as media, methadone, alcohol or nicotine.

  2. Severe punishment of all wholesalers and confiscation of their property;
    Penalty liability to anyone who has done business with them of any kind
    ; Confiscation of assets in the case of unrebutted suspicion of

  3. Declaration of the state of war and the narcotics as a weapon of war if
    the penal measures are not sufficient; each drug owner
    is then combated by military means if he
    meets the conditions for combatant status; otherwise he will be summarily shot.


  1. Burden of proof of the lawful origin of
    foreign capital and property invested in Germany, especially in those countries that
    are relevant to organized crime.

  2. Verification of the documents for the lawful acquisition of the
    foreign capital and tangible assets invested in Germany;

  3. Securing the same in the event of irrecoverable evidence and
    criminal investigations on suspicion of money laundering.

  4. Reversal of the burden of proof in organized
    crime criminal proceedings.

  5. Visa requirements and bans for foreign nationals from countries or territories
    relevant to organized crime.

  6. Ban on organizations for foreigners in Germany, especially those
    of a proto-state nature.


  1. Breaking the rule of law by restoring the Germans to
    their rights.

  2. Prohibition of the ideology of humanity, so that the short path from
    humanity to bestiality is interrupted.

  3. Commandment of Personality.

  4. Prohibition of pacifism and bellicism as the two basic forms of totalitarian
    ideology and destruction of law.

  5. Restoration of war and peace as concepts of international law as well as
    foreign policy realities.

  6. Implementation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

  7. Processing of the 2+4 contract.

  8. Processing of NATO membership.

  9. Settlement of the EU.


  1. Biotope protection of the German people in their own nature and in their
    environmental nature, the native landscape, flora and fauna.

  2. Devastation of the capitalist economy by preventing the
    speculative-objective use of capital and ensuring
    sufficient funds for German manufacturers and value-creating

  3. Breaking up the conurbations to a tolerable settlement density.

  4. Elimination of circulation and transport costs through self-sufficiency of the
    manufacturing processes.

  5. Promotion of the down-to-earth attitude of the population.

  6. polluter pays principle; Garbage self-sufficiency as far as possible for all
    local authorities.

  7. Manufacturer’s obligation to take back and collect used consumer goods.

  8. Obligation to reuse used goods; Authorization of
    municipalities to impose packaging bans and to order the sale of
    consumer goods in bulk.

  9. Permitting self-sufficient, autonomous and subsistence settlement forms
    without community connection obligations.

  10. General requirement
    to replace linear production methods with circular economy,
    a healthy farming community,
    a broad commercial middle class,
    to restore an independent well-structured economy.


  1. Drawing up an economic plan for Central Germany, which outlines the
    desired structure with industrial sites, transport connections, other
    infrastructure and the most favorable composition of the population.

  2. Investment ban for the public budgets in West Germany during
    the reconstruction in Central Germany.

  3. Use of the blocked investment volume of West German
    public budgets for the infrastructure of Central Germany.

  4. Investment penalty tax on private investments in West Germany during
    of reconstruction in Central Germany.

  5. Distribution of the investment penalty tax as investment premiums on private
    investments in Central Germany according to the construction benefits.

  6. Relocation of all state offices to Central Germany that were formerly
    there, as well as those offices that will be assigned to East Germany in the future;

7th large-scale deployment of the Labor Service in Central Germany.


  1. Abandoning the insurance illusion in health and pension funds.

  2. Introduction of a state minimum pension (social assistance) for
    Germans of retirement age who can be proven to be without assets.

  3. Privatization of real pension insurance (capital savings principle).

  4. Rescue of the welfare state by prohibiting the payment of social assistance to those able to

  5. Ensuring the right to a basic income through work through
    employment in the state employment service for able-bodied unemployed people who have been unemployed for
    more than six months; vocational training must be
    taken into account.

  6. Dissolution of the health insurance system.

  7. privatization of health care; Price approval, price labeling
    and warranty obligations for all healthcare service providers;
    strict government quality control.

  8. Ensuring basic medical care for the population through
    the state health service; this basic care is provided by the
    health departments using the medical and
    pharmaceutical companies of the state labor service.


  1. Prohibition of dirty, shoddy, violent, pornographic and morally
    degrading representations.

  2. Discontinuation of Commercial Broadcasting.

  3. Restriction of television to two national programs (for German
    popular culture and German high culture, including the cultivation of science) and
    one regional program each for all German tribal cultures; the same goes for
    for radio.

  4. Creation of space for family life, traditions and customs as the
    basis of German folk culture.

  5. Cleansing of the German language and public writing of
    Americanisms and other alienations.

  6. Cancellation of all funds for foreign and so-called multiculturalism.

  7. Exclusive promotion of German culture and ethnic German
    culture creators.

  8. Dissolution of culture-damaging mass institutions such as comprehensive schools and comprehensive

  9. Restoration of the culture-promoting tripartite school system.

  10. Relief of the German elementary school of auxiliary and foreign students in order to give them
    back to German culture.

  11. Renewal of German science from the university.

  12. Restoration of Humboldt’s ideal of the unity of research and
    teaching at the German university.

  13. Restriction of the university to scientific research and
    simultaneous training of young scientists.

  14. Restriction of university attendance to the most intellectually gifted of a
    year, whose share should not exceed the five percent limit.

  15. Training of traditional academics such as lawyers, doctors or teachers at
    vocational academies or technical colleges in the dual system.

  16. Acceleration of German large-scale and cutting-edge research (energy,
    Nuclear safety, gene and defense research) for reasons of national
    security and global political order.

  17. Liquidation of pure ideology institutes such as those for political science, sociology or

  18. Evaluation, revision and replacement of ideologically badly affected
    disciplines such as history, education or literature.

  19. Revision of the historical picture in favor of Germany and worldwide
    enforcement through foreign cultural policy.

  20. Establishment of the German language as recognized common Germanic
    and the leading cultural language in the world; Promoting the
    use of German among German-Americans.

  21. Ban on the use of English as the language of science for official
    German scientists

  22. Promotion of the German language for science according to uniform and
    popular standards in all subjects.

Horst Mahler
Reinhold Oberlercher
Uwe Meenen

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