Hideous: The White-hating black hag & communist Michelle Obama … AUTHOR?

I was browsing some books perported to be good reads when to my bloody HORROR, I saw that the black communist and hag Michelle Obama had written a bloody book!!!

Then to my greater horror, it seemed as if Stephen King the horror writer had also teamed up with the black communist hag who had once dared to walk in the hallowed walls of the White House!


I did not want to investigate more into what she wrote or who she wrote it with, but I suspect the Jewish filth of America are out there making successes of the Obama scum, who, like the Clintons, need to be beheaded. That is the most appropriate punishment for all this treasonous filth.

Beheading, for the record is a European practise that has existed for centuries and its aimed at the nobility. Therefore, I think it is more than right for the heads to be severed from the bodies of these filthy politicians who have betrayed whites.

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