Got problems with the Multilingual/Translation features? Here’s the answer…

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I had an Afrikaans guy saying that the translation features are dreadful and that he couldn’t read it in Afrikaans and how does he go back to getting it back to English!


The answer is on the black menu line. In the right of the black menu line is a drop down box. If you click it you can set the language of the website to English or whatever you want.


Regarding the reader’s comments that the feature sucks:

This is Google Translate, and frankly, to my knowledge its the best you’ll ever get on the Internet. To my knowledge I know of nothing better. And yes, its computerised so it translates what it can as best it can, but this is EXACTLY what I use when I want to read articles from other languages. This is how I make sense of them. Like I say, this is the best that I know of, so until someone else can find something better this is still a feature that will help you especially if you are dealing with languages with alphabets unlike anything we have. So I find it useful. Too bad the reader didn’t.

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