Jews at work: Sesame Street Now Bringing Trannies In To Indoctrinate Children


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[Jews at work, just screwing with the minds of the kids … anything to mess with normal heterosexual urges and desires. Jan]

What the hell is wrong with America?

The other characters, minus Bert and Ernie, are liable to be enraged about this.

This is not really funny, sorry.

It is, in contrast, quite frightening.

Sesame Street will soon put a man in a dress in front of your kids.

From Breitbart:
The PBS children’s show Sesame Street announced that Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award-winning actor Billy Porter will be featured wearing his Oscars dress when the program returns to TV for its 51st season, set to premiere on HBO Max later this year.

On its Facebook page, the venerable kid’s show celebrated Porter’s appearance, telling fans, “Billy Porter bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street #Season51.”

The photos shared by the TV show reveals that Porter visited the set wearing his voluminous velvet tuxedo gown and jacket by designer Christian Siriano that Porter wore to the 2019 Academy Awards show.

The Pose star took to Twitter and called his appearance “iconic” and said he was “tickled to meet Elmo.”

Billy Porter
Y’all, talk about iconic… I was tickled to meet @elmo and the gang at @sesamestreet!

Sesame Street
An iconic day with an iconic person ?? Thanks for visiting Sesame Street, @theebillyporter! #Season51

More at Breitbart…
Your “rights” cease to be rights when they infringe upon the rights of others.

No one is stopping anyone from being a drag queen, or whatever you call this.

What we are trying to protect here is young and impressionable minds.

Young people have a right to navigate their own way through life without having a filthy LGBT agenda shoved down their throats.

The agenda is real and they are coming for YOUR kids.

Gay City Councilman Calls Police on His Mother After She Meets to Discuss Drag Queen Story Hour With Him
National Review’s David French: Drag Queen Story Hour is ‘One of the Blessings of Liberty’
Library System Rejected “Drag Queen Story Hour” so Atlanta Mayor Held it at CITY HALL
American Library Association approves ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for 3-year-olds in public libraries
As you might notice in the links above, even when a library system rejects these clowns a liberal mayor is liable to step in and overrule them.

Libraries are one thing because most of these appearances are being seen by a handful of children.

When Sesame Street decides to put this trash on television, I think it is finally time to call for a ban on Sesame Street.

Stay Vigilant America — They Are Coming for OUR Kids.


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