Global Internet Rankings of Social Media platforms that welcome whites

I quickly decided to check the rankings of Internet platforms where whites are relatively welcome.

A ranking of #1 is the top one, which I think is google. So this will give you an idea of how these social media that are relatively "white friendly" are doing. Remember there are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet. So one is competing with EVERYONE on the PLANET in every field, from news to porn and shopping. So these rankings are pretty impressive:

Bitchute, is our shining star, from Jewish Britain can you believe!!! Way to go Bitchute.

Bitchute Ranking: 1,765
Parler Ranking: 1,796

Gab Ranking: 7,108

Rumble which is an upcoming video platform is: 4,464
The Brighteon video platform is: 34,401

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