Russian Military competence overstated: Too Big to Fail – The real reason for Russian success

I saw among some South Africans, who really should know better, that they thought the Russians were some kind of good fighters at the outset of this war.

The Russians, militarily, are really quite useless compared to almost EVERYONE in Europe. The Russians were no match for the Germans, even the French and Swedes clobbered them.

The greatest success of the Russians was in WW2. That was because of the various factories the Jews had put up in Russia in the 1920s. Then America literally drowned the Russians in planes and tanks. The Russians had 10 times as many tanks as ALL OF EUROPE PUT TOGETHER at the start of WW2. They had insane amounts of weaponry and it mostly came from America with a bit of it coming from Jewish Britain.

But if you look at the Russians in many wars they’re actually not very good.

The Russians often do dumb things. But the Russians have 2 things going for them:-
a) A big population (b) A big territory.

Russia is so big, and their population is far greater than any Whites in Europe they fought with that the Russians can make huge dumb mistakes and still survive simply because they have a huge territory to play with. And their population is so big that they can lose a lot of men and make many mistakes and they can still recover from it.

The Russians can lose a lot and then they survive simply through tenacity and they don’t give up.

I’ll hand it to the Russians that they are known for their bravery. They’re not known for their competence.

The Russians also have a very firm leadership structure that is quite ruthless and hard.

The Russians are Whites who expanded into Asia and thus changed in some ways. In some respects they are like the Americans who expanded on another continent. They have a European basis, but they lost some of it.

America was White and Western and racist for the first 200 years or so of its existence. But Jews have totally derailed that very healthy racism of the Americans.

I’m not a big fan of the Russians, and I don’t see them as particularly competent. They have done many bad things for Europe.

Even Napoleon saw the Russians as an existential threat to Europe and Hitler hated the Soviets.

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