Germany: In Jail: Alfred Schaefer: Jim and Diane Present ALFRED SCHAEFER UPDATE, Aug 18, 2021


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Jim and Diane Present
Aug 18, 2021–POLITICAL-PRISONER–Aug-18–2021

Monika and Alfred Schaefer
(more info about Alfred)

Alfred’s July 29, 2021 Letter to Jim and Diane
Dear Jim and Diane, Letter #13, July 29, 2021: Thank you so much for your latest letter it’s so very good it astounds me just how clear and how strong the bright light of TRUTH is now radiating out for all to see. Mike King has impressed me from the first time I saw his book lying on a table in the home of a good Patriot I had visited in Amsterdam for our “Open Mink” Conference together with Christopher and Helje Bollyn in about 2015 or 2016. That book, THE BAD WAR helped me more than anything else to get over the contamination of the lies I had been indoctrinated with. I owe Mike King more than words can express for his work. Thank you Mike king! I/we love you, Mike. Mike was the pacemaker that got my heart beating. And now I see from what you have sent me an even higher level of excellence. Mike King’s work is of huge historical importance for truth. For our species. For our earth. For our race. And thank you for the great speech delivered on April 12, 1922, by “The Great One.”

The content of your letter is so superb. This is what confirms to me how well we are progressing and that our enemies are in total self-destruction and panic. The perfection of Mike King’s work is symptomatic of the healing process and can be observed everywhere at a phenomenal rate. This sends our enemies madly scrambling to lock us down and inject us with rat poison. And these efforts backfire in their face and the cycle of self-destruction, its inevitable climax and final end. The Jews are toast. They are now letting the level for the inevitable retribution against themselves, and their special control opposition worms like Bierkoff will need to hide well in order to stay alive.

You know that nature’s laws are God’s laws. Anyone who thinks they can deceive us all by lying and cheating is breaking God’s laws and will be brought to account. The only thing that can save these last-line traitors is to come clean and talk now before it’s too late. Admitting to having done wrong or to have believed some nonsense is infinitely better than staying on the wrong path until death. I was a lunartic myself and “believed” we were on the moon until about 2014. Shame on me! Do you know that I was ever even an unpleasant and ugly person when people try to reach me on that until I forced myself to just look at the evidence.. and then it became clear. Thank God. At that time I was close to overload with 9/11 alone, and feared any additional load as it may be too much, that’s why I pushed back on it. " Oh, don’t bother me with that please." There will be no compromising on the truth, ever. As everything will be exposed in the end.

I want to talk a bit about an aspect in all this that we need to keep in mind and understanding this helps us move forward even faster. I call up “STRIFE GENERATOR” and “CREDIBILITY DESTROYER” on the one side and the total neutrality and immunity to critique or question on money on the other side. Money and titles, the holder to real value, be it food or other material goods or “title to property.” If, however, this money is kept immune from questions or critique, for example, the countless billions paid to Jews by Germans for the holohoax. Jews now claim an entitlement to all kinds of things including all the land and even weapons of total mass destruction. This never stops until the first fraud money collapses or we stop them. Now on the other side with the STRIFE GENERATOR and CREDIBILITY DESTROYER. If I were still a lunartic and told you about how Neil Armstrong was a superhero for playing golf on the moon and driving around in his lunar golf cart, you would, of course, know that I’m totally bonkers. But hey, until about 2014, my chest still swelled up and I felt pride to know that in 1969, the superhero did “… one small step for man and one giant leap (off the cliff) for mankind …”

Any dialogue we would have had, Jim, about this, for example, you telling me: Hey Alfred, you dumb s***. Stanley Kubrick films that part and where are all the stars and why does Neil Armstrong cry when he sees a camera in front of himself?” Jim, we would have had strife, because you would have threatened my religion facts. Facts have been replaced with beliefs in my head and that is why I become ugly and mean. I had outsourced part of my thinking. I was suffering from acute cognitive dissonance. If I still “believed” what a hero Neil Armstrong was today, how credible would I be with anything else I say – – CREDIBILITY DESTROYER!!! Did you know that Neil’s family got $6 million to shut the *** up after his death? Blood money. There are many things we cannot explain in detail with the science we know, that we can observe, and these things seem to be like a guiding hand leading us the way. We can refer to this as God’s helping hand. Monika and I have our guardian angels, we truly do have them. That does not mean that we don’t get smashed up now and then by enemy forces, but as long as we are still alive, we can count on those helping hands to guide us on our way and if our enemies kill our bodies — who cares. We all die in the end anyway – from dust to dust). Then our lives at least had a purpose.

Did you know that the time I’ve spent in the gulag has given my life more purpose than all that came before in fact, all that came before would have had no meaning whatsoever without this part because the jews want to delete even the memory of it if we allow it. Jesus Christ understood this and that is why His Spirit must be in us, in every fiber of our being. I believe that the story of the prodigal son is one of the most important these days because we must gather in the lost souls. All my love regards, Alfred (Worst Case 88 – My billions of friends are all coming too!)

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