Video: Whites: Russians being interviewed on the street: Are we losing the War?


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2004: White separatism on the increase in S.Africa My Comments
Back in 2004 I posted this article about Orania with my comments. You‘ll see back then I was advocating secession and a White‘s only state.

[The feedback from the Russians varies. However, some of them have some deep things to say. I am quite amazed by the young Russian woman who seems to have friends in many places and she says some interesting things. The Russians are very patriotics and they generally believe in themselves. But clearly some have doubts. It is interesting to see how they perceive their situation. It is interesting when they refer to "Modern War" and whether and how you will know if you win or lose! Clearly American Liberalism has seeped into Russia!!! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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