GERMAN HERO: A Forgotten, current, brave German National Socialist HERO: Henry Hafenmayer


In my own chaos, I can’t keep up with everything. But there is someone I keep thinking about. It is Henry Hafenmayer. He was a great friend of Alfred Schaefer. He has also been harrassed by the Police in Germany and is on trial.

People who know him well told me that this guy is incredible. He is NS through to the bone. A true German and a white man of the greatest firmness. He has a blog. I can’t think of its name currently. I have seen it.

Sadly, he does not speak English, but this guy is EXCELLENT.

My concern for him in the last 6 months has been whether he will go to jail. I have even asked people to monitor him and his situation to see what happens to him and to let us know if he gets into trouble.

He even helped me to quickly get a letter to Alfred Schaefer in jail.

However, like I say, I just can’t keep up with everything, and I think this guy needs some publicity and some monitoring so that all of us can get news on what is happening to him. He could end up in jail just like the others, and nobody will even know.

He has not harmed anyone, but from what I’ve heard from multiple sources is that this guy is one of the finest Germans and whites. He stands for the truth and he’s a white man and a German patriot and racial patriot of the highest order.

We really must monitor all the racially loyal people of our race who are risking their income, and their lives in pursuit of the great truths and values aimed at saving our civilisation and our race!

These people are doing the holiest work imaginable. I had tried, unsuccessfully to find someone who speaks English whom I could interview regarding Henry and his work, but I did not get much joy.

At this link is a video where he spoke in 2017:

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