The Jewish Parasite has made Western Leaders insane & turned Whites into Sheeple


When I see how insane the Western leaders of the world have become, all I will tell you is that it has to be the Jew at work. The nature of the insanity, which leads to an insane, intense and totally foolish love of diversity points clearly to the Jew.

But at the heart of all this madness, is the WHY. Why are Jews doing what they’re doing?

I don’t think they totally want to exterminate us. Though I think they dream of it. I think what they are achieving, very successfully, is to turn Whites into sheeple. I don’t think ANYTHING that happens to us is accidental. I think it is all deliberate. I think that the "sheeple" state is NOT A NATURAL STATE. Whites are NOT NATURAL SHEEPLE. But we have become like that through an intensive, complex and sophisticated process that is the net result of having THE ENEMY WITHIN.

I have observed Whites for long enough, under all kinds of threat conditions here in Africa to conclude that Whites by themselves will NOT LET THEMSELVES DIE.

They will not. Whites do have defensive mechanisms.

There are deeper things at work.

One of the reasons why the West is becoming so weird is because we are seeing the results of JEWISH COLONISATION. Then you begin to see all the weird creepy Jewish ideas coming out and coming to the fore.

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