From Willis Carto’s Wife: Barnes Review: IMPORTANT: Critical Race Theory


To all Friends of Willis Carto July 8 2021

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the word that we all are becoming familiar with but many of us probably don’t understand the real meaning of and intent behind it. On July 6,2021, Randi Weingarten , president of the American Federation of Teachers, warned in a speech that conservatives are waging a “culture campaign” against CRT, and that her organization is “preparing for litigation.” That organization promotes it as constructive for teaching the young. Willis Carto had been very concerned for many years when this malignancy was first being promoted heavily. He called it “Cultural Communism.” To quote him: “The Marxist intellectuals who wish to tear down the Western culture would rip the mind, heart and soul from it and try to substitute an artificial concoction with no relation to the nature of man which would result only in anarchy.” He was the publisher of The Spotlight, American Free Press and The American Mercury. He wrote his opinion on Cultural Communism in January 2006.

The ground work for assault on American education and, in effect, on all of Europe dates back to the years between WW1 and WW2. The Frankfurt School was founded 1923 in Germany , financed by the wealthy Austrian family of Felix Weil. One example of their “work” deals with the omissions of l9th century Marxism which failed to solve 20th century social problems, they maintained. They promoted existentialism and psychoanalysis. The school’s CRT resulted in alternate ideas for a path to social development for nations. These are basically the facts moving their otherworldly nonsense. However, today the United States has become the Guinea pig for their radical beliefs. Their Institute for Social Research is poisoning logical thinking and human behavior.

The names of promoters of this nonsense reach back to the l930s when these “researchers” starting to arrive in droves in the United States. Names like Weil, Adorno, Horkheimer, Lucasc , Gruenberg are not familiar to us these days unless you are a student of subversive thought! Finally, one name who became a household word in the l960s and 70s, was Herbert Marcuse who was spreading his communist poison at our universities. He was responsible for and accused of the nasty violent outbreaks at university and college locations, especially in the California university system.

Statements like “conditions necessary to realize social emancipation,“ are dear to our current controllers. Critique of contemporary capitalism is a favored subject of left-wing academia today. We are also now called upon to practice “self-criticism.” Whites are out and every other color is in to harass schoolmates at will. All of this started with the Frankfurt Schule. During the l930s escapees from Germany, because they were Jewish, found support and jobs in the U.S. Our universities became green fields for their obnoxious activities. The Frankfurt Schule had arrived in their promised land a fact that was not recognized by the average American. Joe McCarthy, during the l950s, was able to uncover a lot of communists among the teaching profession though he would be demonized for it. These days we see mothers and fathers packing school board meetings, loudly protesting their children’s curriculum and treatment as guinea pigs for social engineering by many anti-American teachers.

Our universities need to be cleansed, perhaps withholding government funds would see them falter. Liberal foundations should not be allowed to finance treason, cut the tax benefits for the rich who are supporting them. I understand that Harvard University for example, has a $2 billion dollar endowment. Why did Harvard receive millions of dollars in PPP COVID money? Are there any Gentiles left on the Harvard board ? Right now, Biden wants to print $80 billion to hire 86,000 IRS agents. The reason: IRS will collect from millionaires by removing tax deductions. That is the rumor. Perhaps the real intent is to withhold money from schools unless they follow the CRT theory. With so many new IRS agents, schools could be selected and penalized by their states and the federal government, frightening parents. There is wickedness in the do-gooder movement.

In l969, The American Mercury printed a great article: “Network for World Control” by Ed Dieckman . Fifty years ago we were anticipating government control to the extreme. Now we see the future again as we saw it then, it is happening right now. Parents then were opposing “Sensitivity Training” in the schools. The following quote from the article could have been written today:
“For what we are talking about is communist group criticism , a destructive process that is used in every communist country every day to control the people, to force their thinking into the “correct” patterns; and to make sure that each person acts as a fearful and submissive member of a group, a “collective.”

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