From Trump: The worthless bag of anti-White, anti-American Biden’s support is at 36%


[Just in from Trump. Not that he is managing to get much done himself. Anyhow, Biden, the bad of shit that he is, has hit a new low and I see that "Go Brandon" and "F*ck Joe Biden" is very popular in America and even Blacks have written songs against him. Even the BLACKS that he panders to, the worthless bag of shit that he is, mock him. What a prick. In that regard, Biden is no better than the worthless piece of shit who oversaw South Africa in it's final days of White rule: FW De Klerk. What a pathetic weakling of a White man. But Biden is worse. A race traitor and nation traitor if ever there was one. Worthless sack of shit. Jan]

Save America President Donald J. Trump
At just 36% support, Biden slips to a record low in a new poll
– Fox News



A new Quinnipiac Poll revealed that Biden’s approval rating is at 36% – the LOWEST level since he took office.

With all his recent FAILURES, we’re surprised it’s not even LOWER…

  • Skyrocketing INFLATION
  • Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal
  • Record LOW job creation
  • Forcing Critical Race Theory on our children
  • And so much more.

President Trump tried to warn America about this. We know things are bleak, but it’s important you know that it’s not too late to SAVE AMERICA

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