A lovely letter from a supporter in Ireland


[I received this nice note from someone in Ireland. I will be again catching up on mails. Most of my setup is now nicely in place. 

I can share his frustrations. I also get irritated at a certain powerlessness. But I do enjoy when I teach people and when I see that I've helped their lives positively. That gives me great joy. 
And I would like to see things go to the next level for all whites. We have to seize back our civilisation. Jan]

He wrote:
Hi Jan.
I’ve been listening and reading your content for a quite a long time. I would just like to thank you for all your continued hard work. You are by far my most treasured content producer in these pressing matters and you have opened my eyes considerably more than I would have thought possible.
Things are not good here in Ireland and much the same in every other European country. It is a frustrating endeavor being aware of all this nonsense while trying to plant the seed in as many as you can but it is one I carry out with a new found strength and pride in my pagan origins and those brothers and sisters who died before us. I have been fooled and sidetracked many times in the past before I found the real pot of gold.

Hope all is well in SA and I send my best wishes and prayers to you and all your brethren.

Warmest regards,

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