From Jan in South Africa … power outages … internet outages…


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This is just a quick item, as I was busy working on posting on my website there was a sudden power outage. I suspect it’s a rolling blackout – hopefully for no longer than 4 hours. We’ll see. Luckily, I’m sorted out and with some quick switching I’m running off my solar powered battery bank. This outage has occurred at 10pm at night.

But in the last week or so I had 2 big internet outages that lasted almost a whole day each time. So that makes work tricky. But I did manage to find out from engineers what had gone wrong. It seems that the location I get my internet from lost power but had backup batteries … THAT WEREN’T CHARGED!!! 🙂

Anyway, it’s more of the "RainBow Clown show" ….

And it’s good. Let the Clown shows continue as things implode.

Implosion is the way to the future … I like it … into the abyss … where the Monsters fight…

That’s where all Whites need to go. And hopefully, we in SA will be the FIRST!

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