From Germany: Jewish Britain at war with Germany since 1871 – Also destruction of the Boers


[I definitely agree with the Germans on this. There is no question in my mind that Britain is out to destroy Germany. The rise of a united Germany is something Jewish Britain can't tolerate. There were 2 rising forces in the world in the late 1800s. In Europe it was the Germans, and in southern Africa it was the Boers. Both were regional powers, and both had a great future. The British, ruled by the Jewish Rothschilds, set out to destroy both. The British were already talking about the need to destroy Germany in about 1905/6 – thereabouts. But there might even be evidence going back further. Notice how the Germans, the Boers and the Japanese – all regional powers in their areas – were destroyed by the Anglo-American-Jewish Axis. These three nations will NEVER be allowed to arise again, most especially Germany. The Jews have openly stated multiple times that Germans must be destroyed and wiped off the face of the Earth and that Germany as a nation must cease to exist, in the same way that Prussia has even been removed from the map. Germans will NEVER be allowed to arise. NEVER. Not by any of the Jewish dominated powers. But we European peoples must ensure that our race arises again, and at the top of the list is GERMANY – a real Germany, a true Germany! Notice how many of the names below are JEWISH! Heil Hitler! Jan]

Friends, critics and fellow thinkers!

We know that the occupiers of Germany have never been with us – the German nation – since 1871 ended state of war. No peace was ever made.

Margaret Thatcher in 2001, as Prime Minister of Great Britain, at a Conservative party conference in England:
"[…] In my opinion, England has been at war with Germany since 1871. […]"
We now also know the eternal war aims of the conspirators against the German nation:
(Roosevelt, Baruch, Hooton, Kaufman, Nizer, Eisenhower, Vansittard, Lippman, Churchill,
Lecache, Jabotinsky, Rothschild, Weizman etc. etc. etc. etc.)

For all these cretins of humanity, the extermination of the German nation was always the main goal of the war; they knew how to turn the white brother peoples on to one another.

After the millionfold murder of the civilian population with phosphorus bombs, displacement, millions of times. Prisoner murder in the Rhine meadows, rape and forced labor up to death in Siberia and France, the barbaric assassination of the German government, with one-time perversion of the law and refusal of any civilization that has not yet ensured the annihilation of the people, now comes the final organic mass Destruction weapon used.

Three generations of brainwashing have destroyed the remainder of the minds and instincts of the majority of our people.

People are queuing to pick up the deadly roar and, with the vaccination, the sterilization
to seal our future, because healthy children will no longer be born.

The war goal of the conspirators is within reach.

The planned poison gas attack on German cities, with the bombs in Bari, would be in the event of deployment surely it was just another footnote of barbarism that hardly those responsible for the mass murder a minute of insomnia.

Let us remember again and again the victims from our people who, in courage and despair, face the incomprehensible Have countered crimes against the German people, because only those who no longer think about are dead!

Let them live in us forever!

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