Israeli Jews were indeed shooting and killing American troops in the Iraq War


[After I put out the video about Americans being killed by what may be Israeli Snipers with very sophisticated, custom-made rifles, an American on social media told me this. Jan]

This is the video I put out:

Here is my social media discussion below.

The American wrote:

There were a ton of these videos with titles like "Juba the Baghdad sniper" where they had these little segments between the soldiers being shot at, some of them clearly died on the spot. The segments had what were jews pretending to be some kind of Islamic Arabs. Not sure if you can easily find these videos anymore but ~10 years ago with all of those sites like Liveleak, the gore sites etc. they used to be easy to find and people knew it was jews.

I replied to him:

Thanks, I will post your info. But the fact that all those videos are gone now…. is very bad. If you watch the video I did make, in it is also some audio from a show where Americans were angry and were talking to a US Army colonel who said that most of the Americans being shot in Iraq were being shot by Israelis and they were catching them. HOWEVER, the piece of audio I have is short. And I wish someone could tell me which show it was, and whether there are other audios of other shows where this info was coming out. Thanks for your feedback but remember, if evidence is GONE … its GONE and JEWS WILL LIE ABOUT IT. So we must find anything we can. Jews are old hands at lying.

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