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Expropriation Bill: The Government can seize your property without paying you for it
This organisation is fighting the Government in court over this bill. You can support them.

Just a note, a young Boer here in SA did some amazing stuff. He gathered together an incredible collection of books and videos. I still need to index them. He created a library bigger can you can imagine. It could take years and years to get it all on my websites.

But he’s been posting quite a stack of these books and videos on my websites.

So look for them. You will see rare stuff … things that you may have thought were lost.

He even came to my house to scan books.

I truly think its great and I urge all whites, to gather data and books and videos. Keep copies of everything.

These Jewish mother fuckers are busy deleting and destroying valuable history because it affects their stupid race of lying scum. They fear whites knowing the truth and so they’re censoring the entire internet.

Jews are scum.

So save important stuff, you never know when you will need to upload it and spread it in the future when it can help other whites.

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Video: How Jews trick and cheat the RICH!
This is how Jews use forger‘s tactics on anyone ... even the Rich!

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