FANTASTIC NEWS: Alfred Schaefer in Germany is FREE!!!


[This is AWESOME. That man was jailed for nothing. Typical Jewish crap laws that result in honest German citizens going to jail for nothing. So hideous! Anyway, it's FABULOUS that he's out. This was a note Monika sent. Jan]

Sent: Friday, July 1, 2022, 10:52:01 AM EDT
Subject: Alfred is Free!

Friends, my dear brother Alfred is out of prison!!!! Even Alfred did not know until two days ago if he would be let out today July 1st, or Monday July 4th, or if they would pull a hat trick and find some excuse to keep him caged.

I just spoke with him, and he is so excited! All the wise and beautiful butterflies are flying, and his wonderful dog is jumping for joy. He can hardly contain himself. Which one, you ask, the dog or Alfred? Both!


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