Death by Mass Deception


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[I have many issues that I differ with this guy, but this might appeal to some people. I have very specific views on the Laws of Nature. We must not spit in the face of nature. Jan]

Death by Mass Deception

By JB Williams June 7th, 2021

For almost 40-years now, I have spent much of my life in research, trying to make some sense of a world that rarely makes any sense at all. For almost 30-years, I have written and published more than 3000 public essays and columns on my findings, most of them pertaining to political events in the historical cycle of freedom into bondage – bondage back to freedom and again and again, from freedom back into bondage…although, usually writing in secular terms for a largely secular audience, that is aimlessly grasping at straws.

After all this time and effort, the overall picture is finally coming into focus. It all boils down to the never ending battle between good and evil…and a struggle by men seeking ultimate dominion over mankind, in a world that in the end, will be ruled by the Creator of all things.

To be clear on a personal note, my research has guided me to a place where I am an adherent to no man-made doctrines. I call myself a Christian because I believe in the historical accounts of the life, times, and teachings of Jesus Christ, as portrayed in Bible scripture alone, working from original text. I do not belong to any man-made sect of the modern Christian church, as I believe that over many centuries, they too have been deceived. As a result, I believe that they are now intentionally or unwittingly, deceiving many others as well.

YOU must now choose what YOU believe…

Who will you serve?

There are quite literally millions of examples of the mass deception we live in on this earth, the many examples spanning thousands of years, well beyond enumeration or limits of time. For many years, I have written about these things, often accurately predicting future political events well in advance, not because I am a modern day prophet of God, or a psychic, but because history never changes its pattern, and people seldom change their patterns either.

In recent days, as I have worked with others at TNALC to uncover and expose all of the deceptions related to the 2020 elections, the current Marxist regime in D.C., all of the traitors that made that possible – in search of a way for the American people to save themselves and their nation, before the enemies of freedom sink that ship.

In that process, it became glaringly obvious to me, why our country and way of life is on life support, with almost no hope of avoiding death. In that, it is also obvious what We the People must do about it, or we will all suffer a brutal death at the hands of evil which now grips our nation and most of the world.

The Problem and the Solution are one in the same…

I am a lifelong Christian, originally raised Catholic, then changing to protestant, then non-denominational and now, unaffiliated with any man-made religious doctrine. Today, my faith is based entirely upon the earliest Bible text I can access and nothing else. Yes, this has become a critical part of my research and findings as it is the only truth I have found after many years of research, keeping in mind that truth is “self-evident.” (something that is self-evidence is evidenced by itself, by its very existence) Everything else is a deception…

The fact is this…people have lived in a sea of mass deceptions for literally thousands of years, and most are totally unaware. These deceptions can be found literally everywhere in life, throughout known history. These deceptions are all rooted in pure evil, but are perpetrated by mankind, sometimes with knowledge of their lies, other times without knowing that they are simply advancing lies they were born into.

ONLY The Truth can Set us Free

It is completely irrelevant whether someone likes the truth or not, beyond the reality that most people will reject truths simply because they don’t like the truth. It’s also irrelevant whether someone advances these lies with clear knowledge and intent, or by mere ignorance of truth. The end result is the same, a mass deception of the people and death by that deception. “The road to hell is often paved with good intentions.”

TRUTH #1 – In the USA

The Founders of the USA specifically founded our nation not upon the laws of man, but rather upon “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” This truth is affirmed (self-evident) by these words found in the opening preamble of our Declaration of Independence as a free people and a free sovereign nation.

Our Founders did this for two spoken, but also somewhat obvious reasons. A) Because the original settlers of the new world were Christians responsible for the first founding document of the new world, the Mayflower Compact. B) Because our Founders knew from history and without any doubt, that man and the laws of man could never be trusted with the dominion of man over men.

Therefore, unlike any other nations on earth, the United States of America was born under the Laws of God with certain inalienable Rights (meaning Rights beyond the authority of men), among them, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. No matter one’s chosen faith, be it one of numerous religious doctrines, or faith that no God even exists, ALL men are still Created equal with the same set of inalienable Rights, according to the Founding of our country. The atheist and agnostic possess the exact same inalienable Rights as anyone who holds faith in any religious doctrine. The Laws of Nature protect ALL.

TRUTH #2 – Only two types of Law

There are only two types of Law anywhere on earth. A) The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God; and B) The Laws of Man. Although the Laws of Man have taken many forms around the globe over centuries, they are all designed for the same purpose…to grant men supreme dominion over mankind.

The Laws of Nature’s God number only Ten, the Ten Commandments passed down through Moses on Mt. Sinai in the Biblical accounts of history, known to all religions and true historians the world over. But the laws of Man number in the thousands or even millions, worldwide. Man’s attempts to rule over all men are the result of two factors, a) man’s inability to keep the Laws of Nature; and b) man’s desire to rule over men. All who refuse to be ruled by God, will be ruled by men…

TRUTH #3 – Mans Laws are Evil in Nature

In order for any person to follow and abide by man’s many laws, it will require them to violate the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. In choosing which set of laws we will live under…we are choosing which God we will serve and worship.

No man can serve two masters. Man must choose to either serve the God of Nature by keeping his laws, or serve the God of Man, by keeping those laws. No man will be able to do both.

The purpose of man’s laws is to make a God of men. By turning the people away from God and God’s Laws, rejecting the dominion of God and the inalienable Rights endowed by our Creator, all mankind will live under the laws of men seeking supreme dominion over all mankind.

This has gone on since the beginning of recorded time and it is the reason why entire past civilizations were wiped from the face of the earth once they had chosen to no longer live under the Laws of our Creator.

TRUTH #4 – Science is not an Exact Science

Throughout human history, men have tried to eliminate the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, often through man-made religious doctrines, false history and certainly, the God of Science. Secular scientists have spent centuries worshipping their own works, all of it aimed at elevating themselves to God-like status, by attempting to prove that no God exists and that we came to be through mere theories of happenstance and evolution.

The truth is…it requires far more faith to believe in nothing, than to believe in what has been known for thousands of years. But this never has and never will stop men from seeking supreme dominion over mankind by trying to disprove things easily proven to be true.

As evidenced in the past year of global COVID19 lies, science is wrong most of the time. Those who trust that science, will serve man, not God. Science itself, only serves men seeking dominion over mankind.

TRUTH #5 – The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

The document written and adopted in 1787 to form our system of self-governance, of, by and for the people, is again, not based in man’s laws. It is not a document designed to enumerate or even protect the Natural Rights of all Citizens, as those Rights were endowed by our Creator.

Instead, this document merely forms a system under which the American people are free to govern themselves, with the limited exception of certain enumerated duties assigned by them to their government. The government must then act on behalf of and in accordance with, the will of the people, in servitude to the people at large, or it has violated the pact with the people and is no longer legitimate.

The U.S. Bill of Rights is also not an enumeration of the Natural Rights of the people. Instead, it is a more specific enumeration of certain Rights of the people which can never be touched, altered, or abolished by any governmental body. The Natural Rights of the people are so vast that they could never be enumerated. That which God has given, no man has any authority to take.

TRUTH #6 – A Time of Choosing

More than at any time in the 245-year history of the United States, Citizens are able to plainly see the evil of men as the new administration rushes to seize total control over all men and all things. We can clearly see the “new norm” of an increasing number of Citizens worshipping men, man’s laws, and the promise of man’s total political dominion over all mankind.

This they call progressive socialism, which is merely a steppingstone to totalitarianism, the complete control of evil over all men and all things. This, they sell to the unwitting, as a “greater common good.”

We are not allowed to see this for no reason. We are allowed to see these things so that we will know that we have arrived at a time of choosing. We are able to see these things, so that we may choose.

The choice is not to serve democrats or republicans – socialists, or conservatives. The choice is to serve The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, which will protect all from the evil of men… or to serve the Laws of Man, which will require every man, woman, and child, to forsake and violate the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.

The problem is human nature. Before anyone can know truth, they must first be a truth seeker, and most people are not truth seekers at all. Most are in fact, creatures of habit and customs. It’s part of the human condition for people to cling to what they think they know…that which they find comfort in, and not question any of it, for it may turn their entire world upside down.

In modern times, people are creators of their own truths. Many will do anything to avoid truths that make them uncomfortable. Most will choose or create their own truth in the pattern of their innermost desires, facts having nothing whatsoever to do with it.

As a result, many will indeed reject these truths and choose poorly, as we have seen many times in history and the price of this choice will be death, just as it has always been.

My hopes and prayers are that many will openly research and accept these truths and choose wisely, giving ourselves and our children a chance at life, here and forever. It’s not my job to tell anyone what to think or believe. It’s only my job to present the truth, giving truth seekers a pathway to the truth.

For those who have been deceived and believe that God’s Laws no longer apply today… I encourage you to read your scripture, both Old and New, and learn that we will either serve these laws, or the laws of man. (see note below)

Men who make this choice correctly, will likely make every choice in life right. Those who do not, can be trusted to make no decisions at all.

The time of choosing has arrived… Choose wisely

NOTE: Contrary to contemporary thinking, research is not Google searching a topic in the hunt for a post that buttresses your current beliefs, and then quoting that post as an expert on the topic to prove your case. Real research requires an honest effort to find the truth, no matter how uncomfortable the truth might be.

Unfortunately, researching scripture today must begin with searching for “original text” or something as close as we can find to it. There are more than 2000 versions of the Christian Bible now, which begs the questions, what was changed, who changed it and why was it changed? In the end, are we studying true scripture, or false scripture from a version altered to advance the agenda of someone seeking dominion over mankind, yet again?

The easiest FAST test as to whether or not you are working close to original Bible text is to check the text of the Ten Commandments. If it says “Thou shalt not KILL” then your Bible is NOT reliable. Original text is “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” How do we know and why is this important?

The word “kill” refers to the taking of another’s life, for any reason at all, be it just or unjust. Using this word protects evil and criminals from the consequences of their actions. The word “murder” refers to the “unjust taking of an innocent.” This protects the innocent, but not the guilty.

How do we know that “murder” was the in original text?

Because God never violates his own laws. Yet, throughout Biblical history, God ordered his people to war, to “kill,” in the name of God. He could not have done this, without violating his own law. God also “killed” entire civilizations on more than one occasion. But they were not “innocents.”

If your Bible uses the word “kill,” then many original texts in your Bible have been altered or erased and your Bible is NOT “the word of God.” It’s the word of Man…

Death by Mass Deception – News With Views

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