FANTASTIC BACKLASH: Sean Hannity’s Ratings Plunge as Fox News Boycott over Tucker Carlson Firing Spreads

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[These numbers are INCREDIBLE!! All the major shows on Fox are dropping like a ROCK!!! It's wonderful. This shows, ANGER … I'm sure conservatives are mostly WHITE in America and clearly Whites are PISSED THE F*CK OFF!!! This is fantastic. Whatever they do to our side now, is not working the way Jews and Liberals are used to. We're in an awesome new era!!! Jan]

The ratings for Sean Hannity’s Fox News show have taken a nosedive as the backlash against the network over Tucker Carlson’s firing continues to grow.

As Slay News reported, Americans everywhere have been boycotting the network over Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch’s decision to oust the top anchor.

Carlson’s exit from Fox News now appears to be impacting the ratings across the board.

During his finale last week, Carlson drew 2.65 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

The data shows that Brian Kilmeade’s substitute hosting gig for “Fox News Tonight” saw ratings of 2.59 million on Monday.

However, it slid rapidly from there, drawing 1.7 million on Tuesday and just 1.33 million on Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, Nielsen figures show Carlson drew about 3 million viewers.

But Hannity’s 9 pm Fox News show drew about 2.5 million on Monday, 2 million on Tuesday, and 1.7 million on Wednesday night, according to Nielsen.

In comparison, Hannity drew about 2.6 million viewers the Wednesday a week before, the ratings show.

Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle” drew 2.156 million on Wednesday, April 19.

However, Ingraham’s numbers took a big hit this past Wednesday.

Two days after Carlson was confirmed gone, her show drew 1.55 million viewers.

Jesse Watters’ show also saw a decline.

For Wednesday, it saw an audience of 1.558 million, but a week prior, it generated 2.1 million.

In response to the Nielsen ratings numbers, Fox News said in a statement to news outlets that Fox has been cable news’s most-watched network for 21 years.

The network argues that its team is “trusted more by viewers than any other news source.”

“Gutfeld,” hosted by Greg Gutfeld, was the only Fox News primetime show that actually saw an increase.

Last Wednesday, the program drew 1.8 million viewers, but this past Wednesday, it was watched by 2.02 million, according to the figures.

For March 2023, Hannity saw an average of 2.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen data.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” was No. 1 for that month with 3.3 million on average, Ingraham’s show nabbed 2 million viewers, and Gutfeld drew 1.9 million viewers.

Meanwhile, Hannity said he had little knowledge of why Carlson left.

For years, after his 8 p.m. show ended, Carlson would hand off to Hannity, also one of the highest-rated cable news personalities.

“It’s very hard,” Hannity said during his show on Monday.

“My phone has been blowing up all day.

“The hard part for me is I don’t have a clue … I have no idea.

“Was it Tucker’s decision? Was it Fox’s?

“Was it a mutual agreement that they had? I don’t know.”

“I guess people think that because I’ve been there the longest that I’d have some knowledge or understanding of what’s going on, but … I just don’t,” Hannity continued.

“For those who think I should, I say to those people: ‘I don’t own the company.’”


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