EXCELLENT: NYC Election Results Voided After 135,000 Ballots ‘Mistakenly’ Added as ‘Test’


[Aha! So they try to explain it away, but they were caught out. Jan]

Over in New York City, it was just revealed that the Board Elections made a mistake which caused a discrepancy of 135,000 ballots in the mayoral primary vote count. What exactly happened?

Meanwhile, in Arizona, the audit of the 2020 election is wrapping up, with the audit team having completed the hand recount portion of the process. They are now working remotely to complete the forensic aspect of the audit.

And amidst all this, the Arizona State legislature just passed a bill that will reduce the Arizona Secretary of State’s role in contested elections. The new bill will strip the SoS of all election lawsuit-related powers, handing the role over to the state attorney general.



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