EXCELLENT NEWS: Jews are saying: Antisemitism on the rise from European capitals to college campuses – My Comments


[I am reading a lot of Jewish news lately, to see what the race of garbage have to say, and clearly they are seeing big problems arising. This means: WE ARE WINNING! Among their own notes to Jews, and why Jews should be supporting them, they cite: 

Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activities are on the rise, from European capitals to college campuses…. lets you know where things stand in the battle against intolerance and political extremism…. Nuanced and respectful conversation appears to be in decline…. seeks reasoned and respectful perspectives from all sides, while highlighting causes that unite Jews, not just those that divide them.  
From the above, it should be clear that Jews are “Taking strain”. Not that this means much, because, life is good for this privileged race of spoilt brats. It is clear that things are moving in our direction. 
The “rise of antisemitism” should be seen for what it is …. a sign that our work is gaining ground and that whites are SUCCESSFULLY SPREADING THE MESSAGE TO OTHER WHITES. 
I am delighted that from France to Russia … “antisemitism” (a canard if ever there was one), is on the rise. It delights me that whites from so many different countries can agree on this problem. 
Pat yourself on the back … I think all of us have done our little bit… to get the truth out there, and the race of scum are not liking it. But, as I say, life is still too good for them. They're loving to move into Germany. There are hordes of them in North America … f*cking North America up for the whites who built fantastic countries. But all in all, I think we have much be to happy with. Spreading the TRUTH is the single most honest and holy thing we can all do. If you want to do THE WORK OF GOD … if you want to do truly SACRED WORK … then spread the truth about race, especially this race of lying filth who walk across the earth slandering whites from many countries. Jan]

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