Excellent Meme: Hitler & Rabbi Wise: Freemasonry is JEWISH!!


[The man who runs Smoloko.com is a Christian who produces fantastic memes. He really does excellent work fighting the Jews. Here he quotes Hitler. Hitler’s words are so accurate that decades later we can see he’s hit a bull’s eye yet again! I think he’s dead right in saying that people at the higher levels are sucked into these things without realising what’s happening to them. Secret societies won’t fix anything. You need to face life the way Hitler and Napoleon did. That’s the only way. Do or DIE TRYING. There is no other way. But thank goodness we have a lot of the information gathered by the Germans to help us or else there would be no hope for us AT ALL! Jan]

One thought on “Excellent Meme: Hitler & Rabbi Wise: Freemasonry is JEWISH!!

  • 1st January 2018 at 7:21 am

    if you took all of the jew shit out of freemasonry, there would be nothing left.


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