EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT: Jews say: In 2020 America, Hitler Is Winning – My Comments


[I spotted this article but had no intention of paying some Jewish shitbag website a cent in order to read their nonsense. I managed to find a copy of the article on another Jewish website.

We can pat ourselves on the backs! This is the Jewish view of America … and HITLER IS WINNING!! The Jews do not like this at all. But it shows how our message has been spreading. Of course, the Jews have to go into over-drive on LYING … They will invent any lie about Hitler.

I spotted a new one where a Jewish woman claimed that she was a neighbour of Hitler and that she saw the coffin of a relative of Hitler coming out of his home!!! The race of shit can't stop thinking up new lies.

The main point though is that Jews are shocked to see HITLER ALIVE AND WINNING IN THE USA and that people, undoubtedly whites, are PRAISING HIM and LOOKING UP TO HIM … which is definitely right. The Jews will lie to the maximum. They will have to take their lying to new highs. But this should show you, THE ENEMY IS NOTICING CLEARLY THAT WE ARE ROCKING AND STANDING UP FOR ONE OF OUR OWN!

NOTHING scares Jews like the name: HITLER. In that sense, Hitler is winning from his grave. His work lives on and his name is helping us like no other!

Heil Hitler! Jan]

This is what the Jews wrote:

This is America, 2020. And Hitler is winning.

In a 99 percent white high school in upstate New York, the school district had to recall its edition of yearbooks in June, after the annual staff had asked history teacher Jeff Acor to name the greatest person in history. His answer, as quoted in the yearbook:

“Adolf Hitler, who did many great things for Germany and their youth before the infamous Holocaust.” Acor added that “Adolf is arguably the greatest public speaker in the history of the world. Adolf made many strides to make Germany a world super power.”

In another of many too many examples, Morris Bergwer, a college football coach in Michigan, also praised Hitler in an interview with the school paper, saying “the way he was able to lead was second-to-none. How he rallied a group and a following, I want to know how he did that.”

When I was small and growing up in California, an aunt, who was from the Old Country, told me, “Whatever you do, don’t give Hitler, in the grave, a victory.”

I had no idea what she was talking about………

Source: https://qoshe.com/haaretz/bradley-burston/in-2020-america-hitler-is-winning/63786937

3 thoughts on “EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT: Jews say: In 2020 America, Hitler Is Winning – My Comments

  • 16th February 2020 at 11:22 pm

    Ignore them, if the Jew was scared he would be leaving America, he is still firmly entrenched in America -America must purge them like every great civilization but I think Americans have been so brainwashed that they better start off with the liberals

  • 16th February 2020 at 7:25 pm

    I’m sorry mate, but I really can’t bring myself to believe what those two sourses you quoted had to say. Perhaps Americans are far more awake than the the zombies here in Aussie, I know that even if there was any teachers etc that had those views, they would never come out and say them. On Saturday I had an Aussie cabdriver tell me he would never allow me in his cab again because I am a racist.
    I had told him how a Muslim Cabbie refused me entry into his cab because I had my small 16 year old dog with me. I told the Aussie that they hate dogs because they believe that dogs will take their fucking soul. This race traitor cunt told me that it was in his right to refuse me because it’s illegal to discriminate. I went ballistic and said “Don’t you talk about that fucking political correctness to me, I totally ignore it, I hate it and would kick it to death if it were to materalize in front of me.”
    He went on to tell me that I’m the bad guy etc. “You are going to pay the price for your race treason, you can blurt out about their freedom to preach all their shit at us, but the day is close when they will be telling fucking morons like you what you can say and do.” I payed him and said “NOW FUCK THY SELF OFF.”

    • 16th February 2020 at 10:11 pm

      Raymond, are you kidding me?? I can’t believe you had to deal with that with a fellow Aussie. It makes me sad and angry to hear that and it’s just another example of why we aren’t gain more ground in our homelands – zombi-fied people like your cab driver who have drank too much of the Jewish Kool-aid and believe in multiculturalism and actually believe in equality of all of the races. He is going to learn the lesson too late, likely when a gun is at his head in his own cab. He will remember his conversation with you as his life blurs before his eyes.
      As for the story that comes out of the Jewish Haaretz newspaper, with the various Hitler quotes from variety of American teachers, well I guess that’s debatable. High school yearbooks, at least to the extent I am aware of, are still something that handled at a completely local level, so depending on what areas of the country these high schools are located, I imagine it is entirely possible these male teachers made these remarks and didn’t think twice about having their words printed in a yearbook. They probably assumed they had the freedom of speech in which to do so, you know what I mean? I would like to think this information is legitimate, if only just in knowing that there are still good white men here in the Jewnited States who still have their wits about them and haven’t been completely destroyed by Jewish brain washing.


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