The Only Good Jew is a Dead Jew: Professor Noel Ignatiev finally DIES! YAY!


[This Jewish bag of shit has finally dropped dead. He died too nicely. He should have been running for his life from white men out to kill him. I'm glad this piece of shit is gone.

About the term “White” and race as white. It has value, but with time I'm thinking that we need to revert back to the way we used to refer to ourselves as: “European”. That is the term we used in Africa. We referred to whites are Europeans and blacks as Africans. Then there were whites who lived here so long that they began to say: But we are white Africans. This was also an attempt to pretend that we were not colonialists. This in and of itself is a whole different discussion.
But my view is that we should refer to ourselves as “the European Race”. I think, this will solve many problems. Jan]

Another day brings another huge white pill. The horrid, bloated anti-White Harvard kike Noel Ignatiev has kicked the bucket after being unable to secure his next shipment of foreskins and dead fetuses in time.

LA Times:

Noel Ignatiev, a former steelworker who became a historian known for his work on race and class and his call to abolish “whiteness,” died at Banner-University Medical Center Tucson on Saturday. He was 78. The cause was an intestinal infarction, according to Kingsley Clarke, a longtime friend.

Ignatiev’s best-known book, “How the Irish Became White,” was immediately influential and controversial upon its publication in 1995. It touched off a firestorm of debate at the time at academic conferences and in the pages of newspapers. In time his view that whiteness is a social and political construction — and not a phenomenon with a biological basis — has become mainstream. The resurgence of white identity politics and white nationalism in recent years made Ignatiev’s arguments relevant to a new generation of readers who argued the notion that race is more about power and privilege rather than about ancestry, or even identity.

Noel will always be best known for the red-pill content that he inadvertently supplied for counter-Semitic memesters in the early days of the Internet Wars.

I, for one, will mourn his death because he was a one-man red pill factory. Proof in point, the Noel Ignatiev quotes that were floating around the imageboards were some of the earliest red pills I was exposed to about the perfidious kike agenda. I remember them vividly and still occasionally use them to red-pill others today:

This kike was open and honest about his intentions to destroy the White race – and for that I thank him. That kind of chutzpah can open the eyes of even the most dull-witted of the goyim.

In fact, the timing of his death seems timely.

I believe that the old kike saw the success that the Groypers were having and keeled over when he heard that first, “in 1967…” that the lads lobbed at Zioclops. Either that or he saw Turning Point USA go up in flames during the last act of Charlie Kirk’s “Culture Whinge” with Donald Trump Junior.

We can’t be sure.

But we do know that he’s in hell now shaking his fist at the goyim, who are waking up in record time. He died knowing that all his efforts to kill off White people failed, and that the planet-wide pogrom is coming.


4 thoughts on “The Only Good Jew is a Dead Jew: Professor Noel Ignatiev finally DIES! YAY!

  • 14th November 2019 at 11:56 am

    Proof that a white skin, a real White man it doesn’t make. Let us be thankful for them talking themselves into a grave full of garbage.

  • 14th November 2019 at 12:30 am

    Apparently one of the side effects of intestinal infarction is a blockage in the intestines, causing the sufferer to become full of shit..What a fitting end to this shit bag – literally and figuratively. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor!

  • 13th November 2019 at 6:03 pm

    In what he said acknowledges the fact that edomitejews is not a white race, but a bastard race.

  • 13th November 2019 at 12:31 pm

    The nerve of these parasites. The pity party is over and the gloves are off. these ass-holes are not victims. They are victimizers.


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