Elon Musk is rocking with Twitter …. I’m seriously impressed – Except for Jews

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Elon Musk is bringing back lots of people who were doing good and telling the truth. I am so impressed that he is flying in the face of the Liberal scum. Truly, he might be making history. And the way CBS buggered off and then came crawling back and Musk mocked their worthless Liberal asses.

It appears as if Musk is out to save children from sexual predators. That would be excellent. If he can help get creepy sexual crap off that would be great.

One of my supporters in Europe has been trying to tell the truth about Jews on Twitter and he’s told me he’s been banned several times.

So Musk definitely is not allowing Jew truths out. But at least on many many other scores he’s doing great work.

This is as good as we can expect from someone at such a high level.

I’m very impressed though. He’s totally smashing the Liberals and making them crap in their pants.

Lovely. That’s the way to treat a Liberal: Just kick them straight in the teeth!

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