CHART: Exactly as I hoped: UK: COVID-19 deaths by RACE (aka ethnicity)


[No we are NOT all EQUAL … duh! Exactly as I had suspected, deaths by race are different. Also, another point: Nowadays nobody uses the term RACE, yet race is incredibly useful, and in fact totally scientific, but to please the filthy Jews and assorted scum, they use the term ethnicity which pretty much is the same thing.

To my amazement the UK is the first country, that I know of, to count and release COVID deaths by race.

Yes, I am well aware that we are also dealing with false positives here and that people might have the covid virus but the virus probably did not kill them. They were probably old and had other issues and that is what killed them. Even so, for our purposes it does show what I had suspected, that the BLACKS are more susceptible to this than the whites.

Now of course, Jews, faggots, Liberals and Communists will be saying that the reason whites are less susceptible is due to ENVIRONMENT, MONEY, WHITE-PRIVILEGE and other assorted nonsense.

I did some calculations on how susceptible blacks are, because as I’ve been saying, blacks have worse immune systems, and the disparity between black and white turns out that blacks are 1.92 times as likely to die from COVID as whites!!! So this indirectly adds to my theory that this may be why the South African Govt is freaking out so much over COVID and why they brought in not only the army, but began mobilising the reserves!

So here you can see that the blacks are not as “strong” as people think, and that, as I’ve said all along, whites come out of this TOPS! It would be nice to see if we get any other stats from other European countries. I am amazed and astounded and delighted that the Brits did this! Nice! Jan]

Here is the text which accompanies this chart:
Until this week the UK had published no information regarding the ethnicity of Covid-19 victims in the country. That has now changed, for England at least, with the NHS now publishing daily demographic breakdowns. As this infographic shows, we’ve taken a closer look at the figures and have compared the share of deaths accounted for by three ethnic groups to their share of the country’s total population.

While the ethnic group ‘Black’ makes up 3.5 percent of England’s population, as of 17 April it has been identified in 5.8 percent of Covid-19 deaths – 801 people in total. That means the share of deaths is 66 percent higher than the share of the population.

In contrast, the group ‘White’, which represents 85.3 percent of the population according to the latest census, has so far made up only 73.6 percent of deaths. In comparison to the Black percentage difference of +66 percent, here we have -14 percent.

Even if the 9.5 percent of deaths which currently have no ethnicity information were to be classified as ‘White’, the figure would still be under the group’s population share by 2 percentage points, leaving some important questions to be answered as this crisis continues to claim lives around the country.

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