Video: Direct from Germany: Jewish HARRASSMENT & IMPRISONMENT of White Germans! Alfred & Monika Shaefer

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This is the first time that I have the honour of interviewing a German directly in Germany telling me what’s going on and why Monika has been arrested and put in a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON! The Jews are currently trying to get the very brave Sylvia Stolz into jail for a speech she gave in Switzerland in 2012. The Police have already “visited” Alfred TWICE and STOLEN all his electronic equipment without ever giving it back. The Jewish filth, B’nai Brith have been trying to get the German Police to arrest Alfred.

Alfred also tells the story of a Jew I have a tremendous hatred for: Professor Noam Chomsky. Alfred tells how he used to look up to, and believe in this Jew until 911. I explain how I came to realise what a huge trouble-maker this “Professor of Linguistics” was – a “Linguistics genius”. This Jew is one of the slickest liars you’ll ever come across. We discuss how 911 red-pilled him and much much more.

My personal view of Chomsky, having come across him writing in The African Communist in the 1990s, is that Chomsky is one of the most slippery Jewish propagandists, trouble-makers and liars that you’ll ever come across. This Jew is a master mind-bender and liar and he fools huge numbers of people. The ANC in South Africa put long documentaries on about him in the early days when they took power. I watched them and that’s when I realised Chomsky is a communist propagandist of the highest order. He fools the majority of whites in North America. The South African Communist Party LOVE the Jewish Professor Chomsky! Alfred Schaefer caught him out on his 911 nonsense.

In this interview with Alfred, I found him to be a stunning example of a brave white man with a great positive attitude regardless of the unfairness these people face!

Germany was NOT LIBERATED in 1945 as Allied propaganda claims. Germany is a conquered state under foreign occupation. Germans have to put Germans in jail whenever a German says anything about a Jew, regardless of whether its the truth or not!

The most SACRED work any white person can do is to Red Pill (teach other whites the truth) and wake them up out of their zombie-like state.

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