Jew-loving Leo Tolstoy lied about the Great Fire of Moscow in Napoleon’s Invasion – What is a Jew?

[I have discussed Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and how it had parallels with Hitler’s invasion of Russia. I discussed the Russian scorched earth tactics used against Napoleon and Hitler by the Russians here:

It doesn’t seem as if Leo Tolstoy was Jewish. Or at least I could not establish that firmly, unless someone has better evidence. His name apparently had been Lev Tolstoy.

In the above article about the scorched earth tactics, I quote Wikipedia where it is very clear, from many sources that the Russian army had been sent in to burn Moscow to the ground with the French army in it. The French captured many of the arsonists and got firm evidence of these things.

But in Wikipedia with regard to the Great Fire of Moscow and Tolstoy it says:

Tolstoy, in his novel War and Peace, suggests that the fire was not deliberately set, either by the Russians or the French, but was the natural result of placing a deserted and mostly wooden city in the hands of invading troops, when fires start nearly every day even with the owners present and a fully functioning police department, and that the soldiers will start fires–from smoking their pipes, cooking their food twice a day, and burning enemy’s possessions in the streets. Some of those fires will inevitably get out of control. Without an efficient firefighting action, these individual building fires will spread to become neighborhood fires, and ultimately a citywide conflagration.


It is clear that Jew loving Tolstoy is talking utter rubbish about the Great Fire of Moscow and he’s covering up the fact that setting fire to the city was a military operation by the Russians.

I discovered that Tolstoy apparently wrote the following in 1891 which shows what a Jew lover he was and that might even explain his success and fame. If you kiss Jew ass this much, you’re sure to be rewarded financially with many accolades.

So read this utter garbage he wrote about what wonderful, magic entities the Jews are – even attributing to them the invention of culture. All garbage, all historically wrong. The Greeks and Romans had real culture.

So Tolstoy is a liar and a lover of Jews, who are nothing but a race of liars.

Here’s the ass kissing nonsense that Tolstoy wrote in 1891 which a Jew is quoting:-

What Is A Jew? (written by Count Leo Tolstoy, 1891)

One of the Russian Empire’s greatest and most prolific novelists was Count Leo Tolstoy, son of an aristocratic Russian family. He is best remembered for WAR AND PEACE, ANNA KARENINA, and THE DEATH OF IVAN ILYICH. In a period of anti-Semitic pogroms and persecution of Jews in the Russian Empire, Tolstoy penned these impressive words in 1891. They should be reread by all who profess tolerance and love.


This question is not as strange as it may seem at first glance. Let’s examine this free creature that was insulated and oppressed, trampled on and pursued, burned and drowned by all the rulers and the nations, but is nevertheless living and thriving in spite of the whole world.

What is a Jew that did not succumb to any worldly temptations offered by his oppressors and persecutors so that he would renounce his religion and abandon the faith of his fathers?

A Jew is a sacred being who procured an eternal fire from the heavens and with it illuminated the earth and those who live on it. He is the spring and the source from which the rest of the nations drew their religions and beliefs.

A Jew is a pioneer of culture. From time immemorial, ignorance was impossible in the Holy Land, even more so than nowadays in civilized Europe. Moreover, at the time when the life and death of a human being was worth nothing, Rabbi Akiva spoke against the death penalty which is now considered to be an acceptable punishment in the most civilized countries.

A Jew is a pioneer of freedom. Back in primitive times, when the nation was divided into two classes, masters and slaves, Moses’ teaching forbid holding a person as a slave for more than six years.

A Jew is a symbol of civil and religious tolerance. ‘So show your love for the alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt”. These words were uttered during distant, barbarian times when it was commonly acceptable among the nations to enslave each other.

In terms of tolerance, the Jewish religion is far from recruiting adherents. Quite the opposite, the Talmud prescribes that if a non-Jew wants to convert to the Jewish faith, then it has to be explained to him how difficult it is to be a Jew and that the righteous of other religions also inherit the heavenly kingdom. A Jew is a symbol of eternity.

The nation which neither slaughter nor torture could exterminate, which neither fire nor sword of civilizations were able to erase from the face of the earth, the nation which first proclaimed the word of the Lord, the nation which preserved the prophecy for so long and passed it on to the rest of humanity, such a nation cannot vanish.

A Jew is eternal; he is an embodiment of eternity.

Count Leo Tolstoy, 1891
St. Petersburg, Russia


3 thoughts on “Jew-loving Leo Tolstoy lied about the Great Fire of Moscow in Napoleon’s Invasion – What is a Jew?

  • 3rd June 2018 at 11:15 am

    I remember reading War & Peace in the ’80s when studying Napoleonica in general and it left with the sense that there was something awesome about this author, but also awesomely crazy. Like anti-matter or reality completely reversed. In the meantime I’ve found a splendid book on the same topic which seems to get close to the historical reality ;

    Richard K. Riehn, 1812 : Napoleon’s Russian Campaign (1991)

  • 1st June 2018 at 1:05 pm

    It’s easy to forget how recent was Tolstoy’s promotion as a world-leading author. Bertrand Russel read him when first translated into English, but bemoaned his lack of logic. Throughout War and Peace, any suggestion of causation in war is swept aside; these things are inexplicable, he claimed. Miles Mathis has shown there are Jewish links (including Lenin) with the Russian aristocracy, or so-called aristocracy. Probably Tolstoy is another Jew or Jew apologist. If there are young people trying to study literature, please bear this sort of thing in mind.

  • 31st May 2018 at 12:08 am

    Never ever trust a Jew

    There’s something sneaky in their DNA and blacks have it too but less often


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