Did Europeans start Chinese civilisation? – The Chinese may be hiding proof of Europeans in China!

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It also seems to me that the Chinese, like the Indians, are hiding various proofs that Europeans were in China, and that China’s civilization might actually originally have been started by EUROPEANS.

According to some of the myths of the Chinese, their original founders were people with BLUE EYES. I have come across mention by scientists that it is proven that Blue eyes ONLY EVOLVED IN THE BALTIC! Yes! Anyone with blue eyes thus has a lineage that traces back to the Baltic sea. According to scientists this did not happen anywhere else on the planet.

So this means that WHITES had to have been among the founders or the primary founders of Chinese civilisation.

But there is more proof in the form of mummies of European people in China.

But there may be more … Apparently there are up to 40 pyramids in China which are guarded by the Chinese army and they do not allow Europeans to study those pyramids. These pyramids have been known about for almost a century by westerners and if you know the coordinates you can view them on Google Earth.

The Chinese Government is even trying to hide them by planting trees and crops on them.

These pyramids are much like the Egyptian pyramids and we know WHITES were responsible for those pyramids. We are the people who founded Egyptian civilisation.

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