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[Hundreds of people are paying their respects to Jurgen. This is a great sign. He will live on in people's memories. It will anger people. Jan]

In the Dilserbos in Dilsem-Stokkem, everything this weekend is dominated by the farewell of war hero and Flemish nationalist Jürgen Conings.

At the location of his body, hundreds of Flemish people come and go to pay their respects. There are flowers, bouquets, candles, plaques of honor and cards. The popular disapproval of the regime & press hysterical lie campaign of the past few weeks could not have been more impressive. The Flemish honor a brave soldier who was abandoned when he needed help.

In the meantime, preparations continue for a serene and respectful moment of commemoration tomorrow Sunday at 2 pm, at parking lot 4 Dilserbos – Sparrendal. The local VLD mayor has banned it, but the preparations continue. The commemoration is supported by the football support network ‘United’, by former soldier Tomas Boutens and his Project Thule, and by former MP Rob Verreycken of Project Yggdrasil. Carrera Neefs and her National Movement are no longer participating.

The repression and censorship from the regime around Jürgen Conings are now running at full speed: the Facebook page of REACT NEWS has now apparently been completely deleted by Facebook without informing us. Apparently the cause was our latest achievement: posting this image, which has been shared over 1000 times and viewed over 100,000 times. Although there is manifestly nothing illegal in that image, that was too much "free opinion" for left-wing Facebook – and so we were silenced there. So be it: Facebook is gradually becoming passé. So be sure to follow us on Telegram, the place where real freedom of opinion is still possible! You can find our Telegram channel at:



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Selfmoordvoorkoming Suid-Afrika - Op TikTok
Daar is ‘n SELFMOORD EPIDEMIE onder Blankes in SA. Daar is ‘n BAIE* Blankes, veral mans, insluitend jong mans, wat vir hulleself geen hoop in SA sien nie. Hierdie mense doen uitstekende werk om die lewens van Blankes, veral jong Blankes, te red en hulle hoop te gee.

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