Dangerous GOOD JEWS: The Pro-Trump Jews: Did Jews destroy Mussolini? & Jewish NAZIS


I am noticing a bunch of Jews who are pro-Trump and there are even some Jews who were beat up by Antifa. But the really dangerous thing about Jews, is that even if they’re on your side and close to you, is that they can undermine you from within.

These people are also a very passive-aggressive type of people who WILL SWITCH TO YOUR SIDE WHEN YOU APPEAR TO BE STRONG. No matter how much they hate you, they WILL WORK WITH YOU AND JOIN YOU WHEN YOU BECOME STRONG ENOUGH. About 30% of the Fascist party in Italy was composed of Jews under Mussolini. Mussolini did NOT share Hitler’s views on race even though he was racist to quite a large degree – but he did not ascribe to what you could call Hitler’s Scientific Racialism. Hitler was SCIENTIFIC – NEVER FORGET THAT.

Mussolini was a good guy and he did his utmost to save Italy, and he also pioneered some things that the Germans later used, among them the Roman Salute.

Gobbels pointed out that the Jews wanted to join the NAZI party at a point – after years of conflict and attacking the NAZIs. However, Gobbels said that the NAZIs rejected the Jews. This made the Jews GO CRAZY because the Jews had never before met ANYONE who could resist their kind, sly approach. This is, in my view, the main reason why the Jews HATE the NAZIS with a passion is because Hitler and the NAZIS were INCORRUPTIBLE. Under no conditions would Hitler and his people change their stance with regard to the Jews. And the Jews found it UNBELIEVABLE.

Of course it speaks of the high character of Hitler and his people that they were so firm. Nothing, not even staring certain death in the face ever made them change their views on the Jews. Hitler and the NAZIS WERE INCORRUPTIBLE – something that nobody else can equal.

However Mussolini let lots of Jews into his party and about a third of the fascist party members were Jews. Mussolini then went on to engage in the wildest, dumbest military moves ever.

Mussolini WAS VERY CLEVER. Make no mistake. Mussolini, as an intellectual was brilliant. But he seems to have had no military talent. Either he he was utterly foolish, or he was prodded on and encouraged to do very stupid things. Mussolini’s moves, for example gave the British the excuse to invade southern Europe. Mussolini’s idiocy created big problems for Hitler and the Germans, but Hitler, loyally, stood by his ally,

I have wondered how many of Mussolini’s bad ideas could have come by way of the Jews in his organisation? I can’t be sure, but it is a theory I think is very real.

Leon Degrelle of the Waffen SS tears Mussolini apart for totally cocking everything up for the Germans and Hitler. It is not so much the Italians that there was a problem, as Mussolini himself. He seems to have been the fool who can be clearly blamed for what happened.

He caused huge problems for the Germans and also allowed the British chances to fight the Germans, when otherwise the Germans had no need to fight the British, thereby wasting valuable resources and man-power.

Trump is dealing a lot with Jews and Jews are playing both sides, but I don’t think Jews like Trump at all. I think the Jews are whining and howling for Trump to do all sorts of things for them, which he is doing. But being the ungrateful shit and filth that they are, they really hate him and will do whatever they can to destroy him whenever they see the chance.


A Jew only gets close to you in order to be better placed to knife you in the back when it suits them. It’s very dangerous. They are a race of spies. As President Nixon pointed out, the Jews are natural spies. They are a people who feel extremely comfortable to get up close to whites and to then go to work on them. They do it so naturally.

Their association with whites and their excellent knowledge of whites makes them doubly dangerous.

I want to see Trump win. But in the long run, one must be careful of assuming that pro-Trump Jews means that they’re on the same side as whites. That is NOT SO!

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