Diversity is total nonsense – Hitler’s National Socialism is NOT the same as COMMUNISM!


This is from a discussion with an American lady. She wrote:

I’m of the opinion that we are too complex in our social and political structures. This is especially dangerous when there’s too much damned “diversity.” While people with the same genetic and cultural background will find solutions for problem areas, once you mix a lot of different people together you can’t get solutions because it is not a “one side fits all” world. Indeed, the Muslims do better because they have a foundational belief that they follow blindly. It’s not good, but it’s homogenous. Mix a lot of different cultures and religions and it doesn’t work. That’s why the New World Order will ONLY work once we’re like ants or bees in a hive.

Socialism doesn’t work (unless you’re a hive!) because there will always be those who will sit back and let others labor for them. Unless these are instantly removed (any way you want!), your socialism fails. Look at Venezuela for God’s sake! They were once one of the richest countries in South America under capitalism. Were there problems? Hell yes, but not such as they have under socialism.

I replied:
You are thinking that Communism is National Socialism as Hitler practised it. Venezuela is a COMMUNIST country. Hitler’s National Socialism is very different. He controlled a capitalist system and his system was exceptionally successful. I’ve done a video where I mentioned a bit of Hitler’s system. Hitler’s system is a system they do not like to discuss or mention because it functioned completely differently to everything you know. He did not have any debt at all. And Hitler’s system was not a system that allowed people to loaf around. It was economics like you’ve never seen it.

I do agree completely on your views on diversity. EXACTLY. Diversity COMPLICATES THE F*CK OUT OF EVERYTHING. Things which used to work before no longer work. You’re heading down the right path. And what you quote about the Muslims is an example of the "strong man" type of concept that when you have a single mind, you make more headway than when everyone dashes down different paths.

Napoleon, whom I have tremendous regard for, mentioned these same things with regard to war. The French Govt offered him a chance to command an army along with another General. Napoleon wrote back to the French Government refusing it and he said: "One bad General is better than two Good ones".

You’ll see that in the end, the Western world will be saved by "Caesars" and such types of strong men. They will come and kick everyone into line.

We as a race have been ruled by Kings for most of our existence, yet we now grovel before the idea of democracy – and a "diverse" democracy at that. What a load of nonsense and crap.

When times are hard, you need powerful men who take difficult decisions, and impose one view on everyone and then proceed to kick everyone into line. That is how problems are solved.

But I totally agree. This diversity crap … man it buggers things up. I could tell you so much from what I observed first hand working in "diverse" environments here.
Diversity is the biggest load of BS ever invented.

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