Creativity: The White Man’s Bible – Ben Klassen – AWESOME in the 1960s

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As I’m doing research and reading, I’m amazed by Ben Klassen. Ben Klassen is awesome. Ben Klassen gives us one of the most UNIQUE and HIGH LEVEL insights into the filthy Jewish scum and into how America works.

I might have to do an urgent video based on the insights and warnings from Ben Klassen.

He’s truly awesome because of WHO HE HOBNOBBED WITH. Whereas, all the White Right back then and even now, are on the bottom rungs of society – Ben Klassen was pretty damned wealthy and he could meet and talk to anyone. He was very comfortable in American society despite being a Hitler-loving, Jew-Hating NAZI.

Ben Klassen also gives us insights into the hideous 1960s in America.

The value of Ben Klassen lies in what he saw and knew. It’s very valuable for White Racialists. Ben reached levels that no other White man reached except David Duke.

Ben Klassen was RADICAL and AGGRESSIVE. Ben Klassen even went on to ATTACK THE AMERICAN SUPREME COURT!!! He knew the Jews had influence there – even back then.

But there are some bombshell predictions Ben Klassen made that nobody else has matched.

I will revisit this.

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