COVID-19 in 2020 is the same as Wall Street Crash of 1929 – Is WW3 coming?

I have been looking at what others are saying including the American Italian billionaire Ray Dalio. He is likening this crisis to 1930. I have been thinking the same thing. He was saying this is definitely worse than 2008’s meltdown. Agreed.

I also saw a stock market investor who was saying that COVID-19 is the worst thing we will see in our lives.

I am seriously wondering if this is setting us off on a path to a slow build-up, to a slow, war, which will eventually turn into a WW3 – but not with nukes – just with more and more conventional fighting.

I am seriously pondering whether this is where we’re going, because the meltdown in INSANE in its scale. Its beyond crazy.

However, I welcome wars and news of wars. Its time to put Jewish Liberalism in the ground for good. Screw the existing order. We’re in a new world.

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